Shapping Young Minds

Justice N Santosh Hedge (Former Lokayukta- Government of Karnataka)
Beginning with his background information, Mr. Hegde emphasized that we should think about bringing around a change in society and have strong belief in our own self. He shared several life experiences of his life in Lokayukta.
While conversing, some of the points he stressed upon were as follows:
• Values are despaired
• Content in life – have the specific content in life & work on it
• Be ambitious to become something and become the human being
• You have miles and miles to go; how you make journey is with you
• Society always recognizes wealth as a success
Session 4 – (14:45 to 16:00 pm)
Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor (Celebrity Chef)

While briefing the students about his background, he spoke about how he wanted to be an architect but then this path changed. He stated that with respect to their passion, individuals always have confusion. He opined that, life should be lived in the simplest way and it is all about being happy every moment. Success lies in Giving and Happiness is – more you give, happier you will feel and more care one will get he added.
While interacting with student community he shared some words of wisdom. Some of which are mentioned below:
• Every morning is a start of new things (Ideas, Goals, Plans)
• Learn every day
• If you know the way of path you will create the path which means you’re a leader
• Begin today
Innovations are non-negotiable
While conversing on sustainability of Khana Khazana, he stated that what keeps you alive is your simplicity towards things. He asserted that show is successfully running because of its
• Simplicity
• Central idea
• New thoughts from viewers point of view
• When viewer cooks they should never fail
He ended with an impactful message “Good things happen to good people, believe you’re a good person and it will happen to you”. Every day is the turning points in life so do not be judgmental with opportunities, he added.
Program came to an end with the Vote of Thanks by the organizing team.