Shapping Young Minds Programs

The young minds of India are responsible for steering the nation forward in the years to come. Realizing this, the All India Management Association (AIMA) had organized “Shaping Young Minds Program” on 8th September 2015 to provide a platform for young professionals and students to interact with leading icons from different fields. 37 BBA students of Goa Multi Faculty College along with Faculty Coordinator Mr. Kaustubh Kamat, attended this program at National Institute of Oceanography which lasted from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Program started off with the welcome song and lighting of lamp by the dignitaries.
Session 1 – (9:45 to 11:00 am)
Ms. Anu Aga (Member Rajya Sabha & Director- Thermax ltd)

Ms. Aga introduced the session with details of her background, childhood, siblings, parents, qualification & work experiences. While speaking about her career in socialization, she emphasized what she gets after doing such things and why socializing activities are important.
She particularly stressed on three challenges she has come across in her life.

  • Illness of her husband in 1980
  • Failure at THERMAX
  • Never neglect the health

She also discussed about the ROBERT PERFORMANCE CULTURE which they have adopted in the THERMAX and about personal power. She narrated the difference in being ordinary and extra ordinary and ended with a message ‘Degree of Life is Pretty Useful’.
While interacting with the youngsters she highlighted the following points

  • Vipashana has helped her to overcome problems and she also recommended students to follow it.
  • If you are Sure of your own self than nobody can dominate you.
  • Change the mindset.

She also briefed students about Teach for India, an organization which is involved in imparting education to poor children.

Session 2 (11.30 to 12.45 pm)
Mr. Prabhu Chawla (Editorial Director-The New India Express Group)

The speaker began with his background information emphasizing the struggle which he has gone through in his life. Talking about how his struggle started at age of one, when he had come down to India from Pakistan and lived without his father for 2 years, he focused on how he became 1st post graduate and the lecturer at the age of 20 and became the youngest auditor in 1990 despite of struggling a lot for education. As a journalist he interviewed many personalities, however he reported that interview of TV actress Rakhi Sawant was the most interesting one as it gained maximum TRP.
Certain points emphasized by Mr. Chawla were as follows:

  • Become big to yourself
  • Stick to your core competencies
  • Never allow success to go into your mind and failure to go into your heart
  • Focus on your own convictions
  • Don’t compromise
  • PLT – People Like Them
  • PLU- People Like Us

He advised all to focus on PLT that is People Like Them; as it will help you in your own success, he stated.
While interacting with the students, he offered several good advices and inputs which will help them evolve as best young managers in the future. Some of which are stated below:

  • Valuation – one should learn to value the own self
  • Don’t promise what you can’t do but always deliver what you have promise
  • Trust your colleagues but trust and test should go hand in hand
  • Learn to say no

He ended with a message “Fear None –Favor None”

Shapping Young Minds