On 29th September 2017 the BCA department of Goa Multi-faculty College organized a talk on photography skills exclusively for the S.Y.B.CA students.  Thetalk was organized with the objective of introducing students to the various technical and professional aspects of photography and the use of various Applications and IT software’s to enhance the skill and quality of photography.

The guest lecture of the talk Mr.Viraj Korgaokar who is a professional photographer and came all the way from Mapusa in order to address the students on the aforesaid topic. The talk pretty much covered a lot of material information regarding photography starting from various cameras available for different purposes, lenses and types of photography. The resource person of the day also ventured in to various technicalities of using and adjusting the camera lens and different functions available on a professional camera. He also did various demonstration to make the students understand how the camera works in different settings, the students were also enlightened about the different apps and software that are available to improvise the quality of the clicks.

All in all the talk was very informative and students benefited a lot from these brief session and are looking forward to a detailed workshop on the same topic.