Personality Development


As the final year students are about to complete their graduation and start a new journey in their lives, the faculty along with the support of the Principal had organized a one day Personality Workshop for the students. The workshop was organized with an intention of making the students interview ready and enhance their communication as well inter- personal skills.The workshop was held on 9th August 2016 in the college premises. The final year students from B.Com as well as B.CA took active part in the same. The esteemed resource person for the program was Mr.Dileep Parab, a corporate trainer and management consultant. The gathering was welcomed by Mr. Prasanna Ganjhi. The Resource person was introduced by the Head of the B.CA department Mr. JebaRaj

Mr. Dileep Parab is a corporate behavior trainer, outbound trainer, motivational speaker and a management consultant. He hasorganized over a thousand training workshops for various corporate and Central Government Organizations along with Pharma companies, Aviation Research and Development Firms, software companies and various Manufacturing concerns. He has also organized such workshops in various well known firms of Goa.

The students enthusiastically participated in various activities that were conducted during the workshop. The activities and tasks were such that, it would help the students to increase their confidence as well as their listening skills. The entire workshop functioned smoothly with the coordinated efforts from the faculty members as well as students.

The program was concluded with the vote of thanks from the Head of Commerce department Mr. Subhashish Mohanty.