Talk on Open Source Software

Event Coordinator-Mr. Sandesh Gaonkar

Date-21st August 2017

BCA department of Goa Multi-Faculty College, Organized a talk for all the BCA students by Mr. Castor Godihno, Network Cofounder FOSS CLUB Margao, and Assistant Professor at Chowgule College, Margao..

He covered various topics like :

  • What is Open source (Clearing of Confusion student had)
  • Role of Open Source in current Scenario
  • Personal Experience Why he started with open Source
  • Linux kernel and List of OSS
  • Comparison with Proprietary  software
  • Need to Change
  • Motivation to Collaborate and Join FOSS CLUB

The duration of the talk was one hour followed by a Question & Answer Session where the resource person interacted with the students and solved their queries. It was a very resourceful talk.