Inter-Class Tech Quiz Competition


Event Coordinator-Mrs.Nisha Sawant and Mr.Pratik Korkankar

Date-21st August 2017

BCA department of Goa Multi-Faculty College organized an Inter-Class Quiz Competition for the students of FY, SY and TYBCA.

The quiz was classified into two rounds. The preliminary round was conducted via moodle out of which two top scorers from each class were chosen for the final round.Mr.Mohit Kamat and Litty Sebastian represented FYBCA,Mr.Chester Ferro and Mr.Yogeshwar Manerikar for SYBCA and Mr.Suraj Kalmankar and Mr.Parshuram Lamani for TYBCA.

The final round was divided into four rounds which consisted of Audio-Visual round, Multiple Choice Questions, Buzzer Round and an Interactive video round. The teams gave a tough fight and FYBCA class won the competition.