Student Council Elections of Goa Multi-Faculty College were held on 19th August 2017 in the college premises. Elections were peacefully organized under the guidance of Principal Dr. Manasvi Kamat and Student Council Incharge Mr. Eknath Shirodkar. Elections for the Post of General Secretary, Sports Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Lady Representative and Class Representatives were being held in separate classes under the supervision of respective class mentors. Elections which began at sharp 1.30 and were followed by counting of votes at 2.30 pm which further lasted till 4.30 pm. The entire process went on smoothly and all the candidates accepted their win and defeat in sporting manner. Details of Election Results are being provided below.


For the Post of General Secretary, there were two nominations namely from Mr. Pranay Naik from TYBBA and Mr. Shubham Kushte from TYBCA. Of these two Mr. Shubham Kushte with a total of 209 votes won the election and was declared as General Secretary. Whereas Mr. Pranay Naik managed to secure 110 votes.

Secondly for the post of Sports Secretary college had received two nominations that is from Mr. Mehaboobsab Tehsildar (TYBBA) and Mr. Sagar Wadar (SYBCA). Mr. Mehaboobsab Tehsildar with 218 votes was declared as Sports Secretary whereas Mr. Sagar Wadar got 103 votes.

Thirdly for the Post of Cultural Secretary, no election was held as Election Committee received just one nomination. Mr. Prajyot Bhamaikar (TYBBA) was declared unopposed as the Cultural Secretary of the college.

Fourthly, for the post of Ladies Representative Mr. Chandan Diwani (SYBCA) was declared as the winner as she received 188 votes while Ms. Teja Gaonkar from TYBBA got 132 votes.



As far as the elections of Class Representatives were concerned, elections were held in only 5 classes as in rest of the classes CR’s were elected unopposed.


  • In FYBBA (A) Mr. Aditya Jalmi was elected unopposed
  • In FYBBA (B) Mr. Vipul Khandeparkar was elected as CR with 15 votes where other contender Mr. Saish Kevankar received 12 votes.
  • In SYBBA (A) Mr. Salim Shaikh was elected unopposed
  • In SYBBA (B) Ms. Purvi Wadkar got elected as CR with 12 votes whereas Mr. Digarsh Gaude secured 11 votes.
  • In TYBBA (A) Mr. Yuraj Ganachari became CR with 24 votes while Ms. Cynifa Fernandes gained just 2 votes.
  • In TYBBA (B) Mr. Rajat Bhandari was appointed as CR as he received 23 votes whereas Ms. Maureen Gomes managed to secure only 6 votes.


  • In FYBCom of the three contestants Mr. Shubham Shinder emerged as winner with 12 votes whereas Mr. Vishal Varak secured 5 votes and Ms. Tabassum Katari only 8 votes.
  • In SYBCom Ms. Amita Gawali was elected unopposed.
  • In TYBCom Ms. Sneha Gaonkar was elected unopposed.


  • In FYBCA Mr. Arafat Mulla was elected unopposed as the CR.
  • In SYBCA Mr. Madhur Navelkar was elected unopposed as the CR.
  • In TYBCA Mr. Mr. Suraj Kalmanker was elected unopposed as the CR.