Session : GMFC LEAD2K15

Session I

The resource person for Session I was Mr. Ajay Buva, a Journalist & Writer by profession. While addressing the students on the topic “What Makes You the Leader?” he emphasized that as Elected Student Representatives, we need to know, what it means to be a leader, recognize what leadership traits we currently practice, what are some of the common themes in practices that exemplary leaders do and how we can continue to grow and develop as leaders. Through series of activities and videos, he outlined the qualities and characteristics that makes one a Leader.

Session II

The second session on “Deciding What Type of Leader Are You?” was led by Mr. Neeraj D’Aguiar, a Certified International Trainer and Administrator by profession. Mr. Aguiar provided a detailed overview of some of the dominant styles of leadership. All leaders usually have one style or the other and good leader is the one who adapts the style on the basis of people and situation assessment; he stated. Through exemplars he carried out detailed discussion on how as a leader we can take control of our lives and excel for our own betterment and also for that of the society.

Session III

Self Awareness is a key to opening the door to change. Understanding the relationship with self and others is an essence for successful Leadership; emphasized Ms. Sonam Gondlekar, in her Session III on “Looking Through Johari Window”. Using a psychological tool called Johari Window as a basis; she carried out extensive discussion how we can improve an understanding between individuals. Her session was very interactive with active participation from the students. Participants got an insight into where they stand on the dimension of Self Awareness and received valuable tips on how to widen their Open Arena and enhance their relationship with others.
After a lunch break of 1 hr from 1.00 to 2.00pm, Session IV started.

Session IV

Session IV was facilitated by Mr. John Silveira, State Coordinator-NSQF and a Certified International Trainer. Through examples of Bad Leaders, he tactfully conveyed the essential requirements in a Leader for creating an impact. All the leaders we recall and appreciate today, succeeded because they managed to create an impact on their followers and that is what we need to do, to emerge as successful leaders; he noted. Through his fun filled session on “How Could Leaders Create an Impact?” he himself did manage to create an impact on the minds of the participants.

Session V

The fifth session on “What Could Student Councils Do?” was led by a well renowned speaker Dr. Manaoj Kamat. This session provided students much needed motivation to excel and insights into what changes they can bring about in their Schools and Communities. Through a Leadership Assessment Exercise, participants developed an enhanced understanding of how good are their leadership skills. As a part of this session, nominees shortlisted for GMFC Young Student Leader Award were asked to speak on the leadership qualities they possess or are vital for them; and also on how they will use these qualities for their own good and for the good of the group.

Valedictory function started at 4.00 pm with Mr. Joseph Coelho (Head Mining Operations-Vedanta Ltd) as a Chief Guest and Ms. Leena Verenkar (Associate General Manager-Community Relations) as Guest of Honour. Principal Dr. Manasvi Kamat welcomed the guest for the Valedictory Function. Both the dignitaries appreciated Goa Multi Faculty College and the GMFC-LEAD 2K15 organizing team for doing a commendable job in organizing this program. They urged that these types of programs should be organized every year as it is a wonderful platform for students to unleash and nourish their leadership skills. Certificates were distributed to all the participating Higher Secondary Schools at the hands of Guest of Honour.

Mast. Durvesh from C.T.N HSSC was awarded the GMFC Young Student Leader Award 2K15 – Male Award, whereas Ms. Bhakti Kurtikar from Kamakshi HSSC, Curti was adjudged as GMFC Young Student Leader – Female. Further, Mast. Sachin Naik from Saraswati HSS, Kavlem and Ms. Merilyn from C.T.N HSSC were acknowledged and awarded Best Participant Award in Male and Female category respectively. Trophies and Certificates were awarded to winners at the hands of Chief Guest Mr. Joseph Coelho. Mementos were presented to the dignitaries by Principal of Goa Multi Faculty College as a token of appreciation. Mr. Kaustubh Kamat in his Vote of Thanks thanked dignitaries, resource persons, sponsors, participating Higher Secondary’s, BBA Faculty members, Student Volunteers, Non Teaching Staff and all others for their extraordinary help, support and cooperation. Program was compered by Ms. Sonam Gondlekar, Asst Prof – Department of Business Administration.

Even though it was a day long program lasting from 9.00 am to 5.00pm, there was absolutely no sign of dismay, as all the participants enjoyed it to the core and appreciated Goa Multi Faculty College for excellent hosting and appealed college to continue organizing such programs atleast once a year.

Feedback from Participants

Program was Superb. Choice of Speakers was Excellent. Program has really provided us an insight into various aspects of Leadership. I request the college to keep organizing such programs atleast once in a year. – Ms. Prasanna, Teacher

GMFC-LEAD 2K15 really gave us a wonderful opportunity to understand thoroughly what is leadership, what are the different styles and how we can develop ourselves. We also got a chance to mix and interact with students of different higher secondaries. – Ms. Kausar Shaikh, Student

I am extremely thankful to Goa Multi Faculty College for giving me and other students an opportunity to be a part of this program. All the sessions were very interactive and discussion based. It would be nice if such programs are held every year. – Ms. Bhakti Paranjape, Student, P.E.S HSSC