Robotics Workshop


EduTronics is a company based in India that works with schools, colleges, and corporates across India,
Malaysia, and Singapore in the space of Robotics and STEAM Education.
We would like to invite you to participate in a Robotics Workshop to learn how to make a drone using Arduino
(open source hardware + software platform).

This workshop for 2 days will cover the following modules:

1. Introduction to Quadcopters/Drones
2. Microcontroller basics
3. Basics of coding using Arduino IDE
4. Controlling LEDs using Arduino Blink and Fade Programs
5. Understanding transistors (MOSFET)
6. Basic electronic components – Resistors, Batteries, Capacitors, Motors, Bulb, Switch
7. Learning basic circuits and multimeter working
8. Controlling motor speed using Bluetooth
9. Understanding Gyroscope and Accelerometer
10. Angular Data and Angular Rate Data

11. Yaw-Pitch-Roll

12. Interfacing 6-channel Remote Controller with Arduino

13. PID Tuning14. Flying the quadcopter/drone

Participants will be awarded an e-certificate on successful completion of the workshop.


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