From Stress To Happiness

On 26th February 2019, a talk was organized for Staff members of S.S.P.E.S’s Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dayanand Nagar, Dharbandora, Goa, on the topic ‘From Stress to Happiness.’

Sister Ioana from the Brahma Kumaris Foundation was the main speaker on this occasion. Sister Ioana was assisted by Sister Rosemary, Sister Judy and Shri Kaustubh Kamat.

Sister Ioana explained that stress is caused when we are ruffled by the uncertainties of life and also when we attach too much importance to a specific outcome. To overcome stress, we have to embrace the simple way of doing things, learn to control over-thinking and enjoy every step involved in completing a task. The sisters from the Brahma Kumaris Foundation felt there was no need for a single person to ‘Do It all;’ we should learn to share and delegate.

One effective way to defeat stress is to adopt the attitude of the detached observer, and to remind ourselves that life is a game; it is fun and we all just have to play the game.