Red Ribbon Club Prize & Certificate Distribution Ceremony

The Red Ribbon Club held the Annual Prize and Certificate Distribution Ceremony on Saturday, 18th March 2022 at 12:45 p.m.

The prizes and certificates were distributed by the Principal Prof . (Dr.) Shaikh Mohammad Parvez Al-Usmani.

The event began with the compere, Ms. Sequoiah Fernandes highlighting the objectives of the Red Ribbon Club.

During the brief welcome address, the Principal praised all the participants and appreciated their talents.

This was immediately followed by the prize distribution ceremony.  The students who were unable to attend in person had the CRs of their respective classes receive the prizes/certificates on their behalf.

The poster competition winners were announced first. This competition was held on 16th January 2023 and was judged by Mr. P. Gaonkar, Art Teacher from Govt. High School, Dyanandnagar and Ms. Melisa Fernandes, Counselor at Sub-District Hospital, Ponda. The Winners were:

  1. First Prize: Sunny Satarkar  (SYBCOM.)
  2. Second Prize: Neha Gaonkar (FYBCOM)
  3. Third Prize: Santosh Yedge (SYBCOM)
  4. Consolation Prize: Anita Gaonkar (FYBCOM)
  5. Consolation Prize: Aishwarya Birje (SYBCOM)

In addition, participation certificates were distributed to Manda Gaude (SYBCA), Shreyash Naik (TYBCA), Sanulla (SYBCOM), Sanjana Gaunkar (SYBCOM), Mahamad Saifulla (SYBCOM), Aishwarya Birje (SYBCOM), N Varshini (SYBCOM), Sachin Odkar (SYBCOM), and Shagan Parwar (SYBCOM)

Next, prizes and participation certificates for Elocution Competition were distributed. This competition was held on 11th February 2023. Asst. Prof. Nilaxi Chari, Asst. Prof. Sonam Gondlekar and College Librarian Ajit Faras acted as judges. The Winners of elocution competition were

  1. First place: Ms. Saburi Sawant (SYBBA)
  2. Second place: Ms. Fiza Gadagkar (FYBCA)
  3. Third place: Ms. Vishaka Jalmi (TYBCOM)

Participation certificates were distributed to Ms. Tanvi Gaonkar (TYBCOM), Ms. Ambica Gaude (TYBCOM), Ms. Sanjana Gaunkar (SYBCOM), Mr. Nishant Surlikar (FYBCOM), and Mr. Vedant Gaonkar (FYBCOM)

The students (core team) who were involved in the installation of the ‘Tree of Life Art Exhibit’ also received certificates. Amisha Chari, Saburi Sawant , Vaishnavi Nandodekar , Subhash Ganachari , Sadik Khan, Neha Prabhu, Zarina Lathiyur, Yogita Ghadi, lfra Khan, Riddhi Naik, Juie Varde, Nathan Dias, Tushar Gawas, Savio Souza, Namisha Gaude, Tohid Tasildar, Ritiksha Gawas from the BBA stream received certificates.

The vote of thanks was presented by the convenor of RRC Ms Sandhya Joseph. The event concluded with students posing for group photos with the certificates received by them.

Report drafted by Ms. Sandhya Joseph, Assistant Professor on English