Open Source and Mobile GIS workshop

On 23th Jan 2016 Faculty from BCA Department of Goa Multi-Faculty College Dharbandora Shri Sameer Patil were privileged to attend one day workshop on “Open Source and Mobile Gis” Organized by Goa University under Visiting Research Professor Program, DD Kosambi Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies and Department of Computer Science & Technology in Association with Open Geospatial Consortium.

Workshop started with inaugural function at 10am , Prof Madhav Gadgil (DD Kosmbi Chair Professor in Interdisplinary Studies ) were the Chief Guest and Key note speaker for the session , Dr. V.V. Kamat, Head of Computer Science Department welcomed the participant and Prof Madhav Gadgil in his speech talks about various aspects like language wiki ,Ecological wiki , he explain it with various example.Inagural session compared by Shri Ramrao Wagh ( Associate Professor Department of Computer Science Goa University ).After inaugural Tea Break was given to participants .

First Technical Session conducted by Dr.Narendra Prasad (Professor from IIIT Hydrabad), In his session he discuss on following aspects

  • Tools in mapping for free conservation- Case Study
  • Free Open Source<./li>
  • OSgeo
  • Wikimapia
  • Western Ghat Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Web Gis
  • Desktop Gis
  • Geo Server
  • Post Gis
  • Data catalog
  • Geonetwork
  • Gismapping

He explain by talking various examples and shown Gis data how to captured from various tools
Seconds Technical Session conducted by Shri Ravi Vundavalli (Foss Teacher ,OSgEO) explain the Gis concepts with android apps Eppicollect and osmand

Started with Epicollect , he explain the concepts how data captured with the help of app, He instructed participants to work as he explaining the concepts, it was really good experience as it was hands on practical demo , After that Ravi kumar instructed participants to collect data from the university campus . Lunch break was given at 1.30 pm , after Lunch session , Shri Ravi Kumar demonstrate how to fetched the data which participants took in and around campus .

Later he explain about osmand app, this app basically used for navigation but it has too many settings and variety of data can be captured with osmand , he explain and demonstrate to use of same app.

Shri Bhaskar( Associate Professor from Goa university) given the vote of Thanks .Workshop was really interesting and knowlegable.30 participant were there for the workshop.