National Level Management Event “ACUMEN”

SSPES’s Goa Multi-Faculty College participated in the National Level Management Event “ACUMEN” organized by Gogte College of Commerce and Business Administration. Five BBA students of the college along with Faculty Coordinators Mr. Eknath Shirodkar and Ms. Sonam Gondlekar were a part of this event which was held on 6th & 7th February 2016 at Belgaum. In this event, which tested the Financial, HR, Marketing, Business and Managerial acumen of the students, 10 colleges from all over India had participated. For both the days, participants were consistently kept on their toes, and were asked to perform several Pre assignments, Presentations and Night Assignments.

On 6th February 2015, the day started with inaugural ceremony at around 11.00 am after which participants were directed to varied rooms for their respective competitions. All the competitions were taking place simultaneously with specified number of participants getting eliminated with each round. The first competition was CEO, also known as Best Manager Contest wherein Mr. Rohan Bandekar from FYBBA B participated. Through series of case studies and presentations, his knowledge of HR, Finance, Marketing and Business was put to test. Though he managed to clear all rounds on first day, he got eliminated on the Day 2 of the event.

The second event was CMO, to test the Marketing skills of the participants. In this event, Mr. Tanmay Malkarnekar from SYBBA A participated and managed to enter semifinals. For the next event CPO, Ms. Cynifa Fernandes from FYBBA A and for CFO, a finance event Ms. Muriel Fernandes from FYBBA B represented our college. Both of them, cleared rounds on Day 1 but got eliminated on Day 2. The fifth event was business quiz wherein Mr. Gauresh Naik from FYBBA B participated and demonstrated his knowledge of Business, Logos, Taglines etc. through series of rounds which the competition comprised of.

Though college didn’t bag any prizes, participating students from our college indeed gave a tough fight to the other college participants. This competition did boost student’s confidence and offered them valuable inputs and insights in the direction of their Self Development.