Mobile Gaming Championship

BCA department of Goa Multi-Faculty College, Organized a mobile gaming championship for all the first year and third year students of BCA Department.

The championship was conducted in two levels. First level was conducted class wise where all the students from each class i.e. FYBCA and TYBCA were asked to participate. 2 students from each class were selected for the final round of the championship based on the highest scores.

The final round of the championship was held on 10th October 2017 for duration of fifteen minutes. Mr. Mohit Kamat from FYBCA was the winner with a score of 203m and Mr.Varun Malik from FYBCA was the Runner-Up with a score of 187m.

The game selected for this championship is Long Land by Xive Studios developed by Mr. Akshay Gaonkar, currently pursuing MCA at Goa University. It is a simple game where the player can choose a character and also land to move through. The distance covered in meters is the score. The students had never played this game before and hence equal opportunity was given to all.