With a view to make BBA students “Industry Ready”, we need to sharpen their ability for analysis, problem-solving, communication, scanning business environment and marketing skills. What we have at present is by and large an “academic” environment. While this has served us well, we now need to graduate into an environment where the knowledge imparted in the classroom is supplemented by inputs that improve attitude and skills. The Marketing Club shall sharpen student’s knowledge, attitude and skills with a view to manage the emerging challenges and issues in the area of marketing management.


  1. To enhance the skills and competencies of the members through sharing and learning.
  2. To provide a forum for discussion and interaction and a platform for enhancing skills.
  3. Identifying modern approaches in marketing management and training the members.
  4. Establishing contacts with Sales/marketing managers in order to share the information and experience.
  5. Organizing and conducting the panel discussions and training courses.
  6. Conducting research work related to marketing management issues.
  7. To stimulate interest in Marketing as a career, develop decision making, leadership skills and Interpersonal skills needed in the corporate world.