IT Club of Goa Multi-Faculty College organize multiple guest session for the students .

1st Guest session held on 16th August 2016 ,The lecture was guided by, Mr.VenkateshPrabhu, Proprietor of ThyWay Creations, Mapusa-Goa. He talk on the topic “Web design Issues and Server Side Scripting”.

2nd Guest Session held on 1st September 2016,The lecture was guided by, Mr.InacioFernandes, Sr.SoftwareEngineer,CGI,Mumbai and a member of GITP(Goa IT Professionals). He talks on the topic “Education and Entrepreneurship”.

3rd Guest Session held on 20th September 2016 ,The lecture was guided by Mr. Mahesh Matha, Assistant Professor, Smt.ParvatibaiChowgule College of Arts and ScienceMargaoGoa.He talks on “Object Oriented Concepts”

4th Guest Session held on 21st September 2016,The lecture was guided by Mr. Ryan D’costa,Business Administrative, Inventrom, Banglore.He Talks on “Internet of Things”.

5th Guest Session held on 5th December 2016,The lecture was guided by Mr. Rajesh LotlikarAmpersand Consultancy, He talks on “Talley”.

6th Guest Session held on 13th Dec 2016,The lecture was guided by Mr. VincentToscono, Vice President of Goa IT Professionals. He talks on “Goa in IT Era”

7th Guest Session held on 13th Dec 2016,The lecture was guided by Mr.AnayKamat ,CEO of PresentsoftTechnollogyMapusa He talks on “Reducing poverty through technology”.

8th Guest Session held on 6th Feb 2017: ANDROID Workshop. Mr, VirajAjgaonkar, Android Developer at PresentSoft, Mapusa, was the resource person for the workshop.

7th February 2017.Industrial Visit :-Three IT companies were selected for the visit: Infinyt 3D,Parinati Solutions and CIBA.

Workshop organized one day workshop on “Internet of Things” for the second and third year students of the BCA department on 20th February2017.The workshop was guided by Mr. Pranav PaiVernekar,CEO ,Inventrom-Bolt IOT and Mrs.kalpanaChodhary,trainer

Departmental Activities for the department on 17th March 2017.the activities included Eloucation, Coding and Debugging Competition for the students of BCA Department. Together 24 students had participated in the activities held.

6 Girls students ( in 2 groups , consist of 3 students in each group ) Participated in ACM hackthon India National level competation for Girls which consist of 3 rounds . One group of 3 girls selected for second round .On 24th sept 2016 Final round held up at Goa University , its 24hrs coding round , Faculty Member Sameer Patil and Siddhi Bhandankar along with 6 students witnessed the Finals.