HR Club

HR Club of Goa Multi-Faculty College organized One Day Event Human Resource Hunt in the college premises on 14th January 2017. The participants for the event were all six classes of BBA, who competed against each other mainly in Face the Heat, Dare to Task, Best Presenter and Best Manager Competition. All the competitions took place simultaneously in varied classes and non participants had freedom to witness any competition of their choice. The entire program was coordinated and managed by Student Coordinator Mr. Rafik Sayyed and Teacher Coordinator Ms. Sonam Gondlekar.

The First Event was Face the Heat which was primarily an Interview Facing Competition. Event was judged by Ms. Sonam Gondlekar and Ms. Krupa Kudalkar. Six participants from all 6 BBA divisions participated for this event. Competition was held to test the subject knowledge and Interview Facing Skill of the students. It was indeed a fun event wherein students were grilled by the panelists. Ms. Muriel Fernandes from SYBBA emerged as the Winner of this competition.

The Second Event was Presenter wherein students had to do presentation of around 10 mins on the HR topic assigned to them on previous day. Topics were being randomly assigned to students centering on the theme of HRM. Again, all the classes participated in this event. Students were given 7 mins for their presentation and 3 minutes for questions. Though all the teams came up with brilliant presentations, Team from FYBBA (A) comprising of Ms. Purvi Wadkar and Mr. Salim Shaikh turned victorious. This event was judged by Mr. Eknath Shirodkar.

The Third Event was Dare to Task wherein surprise task was being assigned to students on the day of the event itself. The Task was to design advertisement either Print or Handmade and brand the company by highlighting some unique HR Policies and Practices. 30 mins were allotted to students for preparing an advertisement and 30 mins for oral presentation. The event was being judged by Mr. Prasannakumar Ganji and Ms. Kalpita Naik. Winners for this event were Team FYBBA (A) consisting of Ms. Sheetal Ghadi and Mr. Srikrishna Majik.

The Last event was Best Manager Competition which sequentially happened through 3 elimination rounds. The first round was HR Quiz wherein participants HR related knowledge was tested through general questions, visual round etc. Out of 6, 4 teams were selected for the next round i.e. Case Analysis Round. Over here qualifying 4 teams were asked to do Case Presentation on the Case provided one day before the event. Mr. Kaustubh Kamat acted as a judge for this event. Top 3 teams qualified for the last round that is Stress Interview wherein panel comprising of Mr. Kaustubh Kamat, Mr. Eknath Shirodkar, Ms. Sonam Gondlekar and Ms. Krupa Kudalkar grilled the candidates to the core thereby leaving audience into the state of laughter. Ultimately, Mr. Rohan Bandekar from SYBBA (B) was declared as the winner of Best Manager Contest.
It was fun filled event with substantial amount of learning as well. Trophies were awarded to the winners of all 4 competitions at the hands of BBA Department Faculty Members.