Inter College Table Tennis Championship





The inter college Table Tennis championship was organised by Goa University from 30th July 2019 to 1st August 2019. The selection of the college team for this purpose was held on 23rd July 2019 at Sanvordem Sports complex. A total of 3 boys reported for the selection. They were made to play against each other and all 3 were selected. No girl reported for selection hence the girls’ team did not participate. The team practiced for 7 days at the complex before participating in the competition. The team consisted of Sourabh Gaonkar (SYBCA), Narendra Parit (TYBCom) and Vishvajit Velip (SYBCom).

In the Men section, in the 1st round the college team came up against Kare Law College. 1st match Narendra Parit lost 3-0. The next match was played by Sourabh Gaonkar. He too lost the match 3-0. In the 3rd match Vishvajit Velip won 3-1. The fourth match was played by Sourabh Gaonkar, he won 3-2. In a closely contested fifth match Narendra Parit lost 3-1. The college team went out in the first round 2-3.

The college team also played a tournament organised by Nirmala Institute of Education on 29th July 2019. The college team played against Nirmala Institute of Education in the first round. The mathches were played by Narendra Parit and Vishvajit Velip. Both the players lost their matches.



The players showed a lot of grit and determination during the tournament. Although the team lost there were some encouraging moments for the students. Overall it was a great experience.