SSPES’s Goa Multi-Faculty College organized an event “GMFC UTSAV” from 17th to 21st December 2015. The event was organized through Student Council of the College to give students a platform to showcase their talent and to provide them scope for fun and enjoyment.

Day 1

On Day 1 that is 17th December 2015, GMFC UTSAV was formally inaugurated at the Hands of Principal Dr. Manasvi Kamat in the morning. Principal while addressing the students shared vital words of motivation with students and urged them to participate in all the competitions with true sportsmanship spirit.
The first onstage competition held on Day 1 included Punk Day Ramp Walk for which Mr. Subasish Mohanty was the Teacher Coordinator. Students from different classes walked the ramp with funky attires and accessories. Mr. Akash Devali from TYBCom was declared as Mr. Punk and Ms. Surabhi Kushwah from SYBCA as Ms. Punk. Winners of Punk Day ramp walk was TYBBA B class with TYBCom being the runners up.

For the second competition, that is Mute Beat, Mr. Eknath Shirodkar was assigned the responsibility of Coordinator. With the use of props and funky attires, students thrilled everyone with their dance performances. Winners of Mute Beat Competition were TYBBA A with TYBCom as Runners Up.

For the third event, that is Dare to Task, Ms. Sonam Gondlekar was the Teacher Coordinator. Students were asked to perform some exciting tasks like eating bananas without use of hands, blowing and tieing balloons etc. Winner for this activity was Mr. Nadim Khan from FYBBA B and runner up was Mr. Harichand Naik of SYBCom.

For the next event that is Group Singing, Ms. Nilaxi Chari served as the Teacher Coordinator. Students thrilled audience with their melodious voices by singing folk songs. Winners of this event were SYBBA and runners up were TYBCom.

For the last onstage event that is Video Making, Mr. Ulhas Bansode was the Coordinator. Amount of hard work students put in while preparing videos was getting reflected by seeing the quality of videos. Winners of this competition were TYBCom and runners up were SYBBA.

The two off stage events held on this day comprised of Vegetable Carving for which Mr. Prakash Yamanappa was coordinator and Face Painting which was coordinated by Mr. Vinod Malik.

Mr. Prajyot Shilkar from TYBBA A bagged first place whereas Ms. Fevola D’Souza from FYBBA A got second place for Vegetable Carving. Whereas for Face Painting First place went to Mr. Tanmay Malkarnekar from SYBBA and second place to Mr. Arvind Gawde from TYBBA A.

Day 2

Day 2 was basically a Rangeela day wherein students had to come with colorful attires. Day started with Rangeela Ramp Walk. Mr. Pascoal Fernandes from FYBCom was declared as Mr. Rangeela and Ms. Geeta Patkaro from TYBCom as Ms. Rangeela.

Second event for the day was Solo Singing Competition for which Mr. Neelesh Morajkar was the coordinator. Winner of this competition was Ms. Laksha Chari from FYBCom and runner up being Mr. Vallabh Naik from SYBCA.

For the third onstage event for the day, that is Fatashyo Ms. Sushmeeta Vasta was the coordinator. Students took wonderful advantage of the situation to boast about themselves. Winners of this competition were TYBBA A and TYBBA B were the runners up.

Two offstage events held on this day constituted Naik Art for which Ms. Pooja Palyekar was the coordinator and secondly Mehandi, which was coordinated by Ms. Dhanashree Naik Dessai. Ms. Arti Gaude from TYBBA A bagged first prize for Nial Art and Ms. Monali Chari from TYBBA Breceived second place. However for Mehandi, Ms. Rachna Naik from FYBCA received first place and Ms. Trupti Solyekar from TYBBA bagged second place.

Day 3

Third day was the Traditional Day wherein students depicting traditional dresses of different cultures walked the ramp. Ms. Amita Rane from TYBBA B and Mr. Sandesh Sawant from the same class were adjudged as Ms. And Mr. Traditional respectively.

The very next event was Solo Dance Competition which was coordinated by Ms. Pooja Palyekar. Students enthralled everyone with their performances. Ms. Laksha Chari from FYBCom was declared as Winner and Ms. Kusumkumari Sahni from FYBBA A as the runner up.

Ms. Rupali Kavlekar was the coordinator for the next event that is Group Dance Competition. First place went to FYBCom and second place was given to TYBBA A. Students were given freedom to perform dance of any genre.

The major events of the day were Fashion Show and Mr. and Ms. GMFC Contest. For this, the coordinators were Mr. Prasanna Kumar Ganji and Ms. Kalpita Naik. Students walked the ramp with vibrant attires depicting various themes. Winners of Fashion Show were TYBBA A whereas SYBCA were the runners up. Through a test of ramp walk, talent show and question answer round, Ms. Adiksha Fatrekar and Mr. Romanus Lakda from TYBCom were crowned as Ms. & Mr. GMFC 2015.

Offstage events held on this day comprised of TShirt Painting which was coordinated by Mr. Ulhas Bansode; Bottle Painting with Mr. Neelesh Morajkar as the coordinator and Rangoli and Wealth Out of Waste Contest with Ms Sonam Gondlekar and Mr. Eknath Shirodkar as the coordinators respectively. For Rangoli Competition, first place was bagged by FYBCom and second by FYBBA A. For Wealth Out of Waste, first place went to FYBBA A and second to TYBBA B. For Tshirt Painting, Mr. Vedarth Naik from TYBBA A was the winner and Mr. Pranay Gaonkar from TYBCom the runner up. Lastly for Bottle Painting, Ms. Pooja Shetkar from TYBBA B bagged first place and Mr. Vedarth Naik from TYBBA A bagged second place.

The entire event was full of fun and enjoyment and well managed by the Student Council. Students indeed got a wonderful platform to display their hidden talents and it turned out to be a real break for them from their normal academics.