Department of Physical Education & Sports – Quiz

Date: 8th July 2020


During the pandemic and lockdown people were at their homes. Many were concerned about their health and many were worried about their daily fitness routine. In this regard a quiz on health and fitness awareness was conducted by the Department Of Physical Education and Sports in collaboration with the department of Library of the college. The purpose of the quiz was to create awareness among the people about health and fitness.

In total there were 25 questions in the quiz. The participants had to attempt all questions. Each question carries 1 mark each. All those who secured 60 percent marks were given an E-certificate. In total there were 234 responses from people all over the country. The average score was 16.25. The scores ranged from 2 marks to 25 marks. Out of 234 135 responses scored 60 percent or more.


Elroy Pinto

College Director of Physical Education and Sports