Department of Physical Education & Sports – SPORTSMANIA

Date: 24th July 2020


The annual sports event SPORTSMANIA 3.0 an Inter class and Inter Department sports was held on 7th March 2020 at the Sanjeevani Sugar Factory Ground. Games like inter class KoynoBal, lagorie, tug of war, kabaddi, tyre race and langadi were organised. Inter department badminton and football were organised too. The format was such that the winning team would score 100 points and runners up would get 75 points. All participating teams were given 50 points. In total 8 classes participated.

In inter class kabaddi there were 7 teams in the girls section and 8 in the boys section. Kabaddi was modified kabaddi wherein it was 3 a side and size of the court was reduced. The finals in the girls section was played between FYBBA and FYBCA where FYBBA the boys section SYBCA prevailed over SYBBA.

Inter class tug of war was the most awaited event of the day. It was 10 a side event wherein each team had to have 5 girls and 5 boys. The finals of tug of war was played between FYBCA and SYBBA. In a match that went into the 3rd round SYBBA defeated FYBCA.

In the inter class langadi competition for girls there were15 girls who participated. 3rd place was bagged by Hassina Murad Shaikh of FYBBA. 2nd place went to PriyaChawhan of SYBcom and the winner was Manjiri Malik of FYBCA. In the boys section there were 16 participants. In 3rd place it was SupreshNaik of SYBBA, in 2nd place it was Mustaq Ansari of FYBBA and the winner was JeyeshRaikar of TYBCA.

In inter class lagorie there were 8 teams. Each team consisted of 3 boys and 3 girls. The finals were played between SYBBA and SYBCA. In a hard fought match SYBBA were winners.

In koynobal there were 8 teams. Each team consisted of 2 boys and 2 girls. In the finals played between FYBCA and SYBCOM the FYBCA class emerged winners.

Another popular event for the students was tyre race. In the boys section there were17 participants. Third place was bagged by YatinGaonkar of SYBCom, 2nd place went to Mustaq Ansari of FYBBA and the winner was SonuKolekar of FYBCom. In the girls section there were16 participants. 3rd place went to ShramakshaNaik of SYBCA, 2nd place went to AseetaMalekar of FYBCA and 1st place was bagged by HassinaMuread Shaikh of FYBBA.

In the 5th place it was TYBCom class with 400 points. In 4th place it was TYBCA and FYBCom class with 500 points. 3rd place was bagged by SYBCA and SYBCom with 525 points. Runners up place was shared between SYBBA and FYBBA with 575 points and the winners with 600 points were the FYBCA class.

In the inter department competition there were 4 departments that participated in badminton and 3 departments participated in football.

In badminton the finals were between BBA and Staff where the staff emerged winners. In football the matches were played in a round robin format where BBA got 2nd place and BCA were the champions.




Elroy Pinto
College Director of Physical Education and Sports