The BCA department of Goa Multi-faculty College organized a hands-on training cum workshop for all Students  on Data Analytics- A Roadmap for Future in IT on 15th March 2019.  The resource person for the said topic was Mr. Hemant Palivela, a Senior Manager, currently working with eClerx Services LTD. After spending nearly seven years working with renowned organisations like NMIMS and Aureus Analytics, he shifted to Centre of Excellence, Digital Analytics Division of eClerx where he works on Campaign Analytics, Speech Processing, Natural Language Understanding/Generation and Recommendation Systems. He holds a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Engineering and is currently working out for his PhD in Computer Engineering from, VTU.

His principal areas of interest with reference to theoretical frame include, Machine learning optimisation, linear algebra, probability theory and practical frame include, drug discovery, insurance analytics and recommendation systems. He has published around 35 plus research papers in International Conference and Journals..He was accompanied by his two assistants Santosh Panigrahi and Siddhesh Salunkhe.

Santosh Panigrahi is a Senior Analyst and Python Programmer, currently working with  eClerx Services LTD. He works on Chat-bots,, Consumer Analytics and Natural Language Understanding/Generation. He holds a Bachelors in Telecommunication and Masters in Computer Engineering.

Siddhesh Salunkhe is a senior process manager in eClerx Services LTD.



The objective of the workshop was introducing students and making them aware and get acquainted with the latest and prevailing technologies in industry and also to fill in the gap between industry demands and needs and curriculum .

The workshop started with Mr Hemant  Palivela introducing himself and giving a brief idea about what all essential requirements are needed to satisfy the urge of today’s competitive world.

He shared his own experiences in industry and ideas to implement innovative technologies. He emphasized  on enhancing soft skills and technical skills to be at the forefront in technological era.  He spoke on various technologies which are on demand and highlighted on the job profiles which grabs maximum attention and has high source of income and longer lifetime. He shared some valuable thoughts and personal experiences to make the environment friendly and lively. He interacted with the students at a personal level and attended the questions and queries raised by students and gave them satisfactory answers. He gave live examples to demonstrate Current scenario in industry and also startup ideas for the young generation who are eager to follow their dreams and passion.

He threw light on data science, data mining ,classification and clustering algorithms.

He solved a simple mathematical problem to make students understand the concept of classification algorithms.

One of his companion Mr Santosh Panigrahi gave a demonstration of the most demanded language –Python. All necessary softwares were pre-installed on all laptops of the students.He demonstrated the usage of basic commands of python.All the students executed and implemented the code snippets on their systems. He solved the difficulties and queries raised by students by attending them personally.He also spoke on Chatbots , Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

All in all the talk was very resourceful and students benefited a lot from this session and are looking forward to have similar  workshops on the same topic. A positive feedback was received from the students that they are looking forward to such an intellectual and resourceful sessions in the future.