Tour Report

SSPES’s Goa Multi Faculty College’s organized a 7 days Bangalore – Mysore – Ooty Tour to provide its Staff members and Students learning and enriching experience. Tour was being planned and coordinated through College Student Council. Around 25 Teachers and students were a part of this tour which commenced on 2nd November and lasted till 8th November 2015. Tour gave students a refreshing, enlightening, adventurous, nostalgic and tremendous learning experience through visits to some of the prominent places in these three destinations. BCom, BCA and BBA students of the college gained valuable insights about business and industry through this intensive study tour.

zp align=”justify”>Tour Journey began on the eve of 2nd November 2015. Travel by Sea Bird Non Ac Sleeper Bus started from Panjm at 5.00 pm. Three Staff Members boarded the bus from Panjim while rest from Margao at 6.00 pm. Seats were allocated to everyone by Mr. PrajyotShilkar and the students in the mood of excitement were seen chit chatting till 10.00 pm. After dinner at around 10.00 pm all went to sleep to wake up next morning with vigor, energy and enthusiasm.

GMFC Team landed in Bangalore near AnandRao Circle on the 3rd November 2015 at 7.30 am. Through the Travel Bus provided by the Tour Operator, everyone immediately checked in into Hotel Nandhini located at R T Nagar. Rooms were assigned to all the students and staff members by Dr. Manoj Kamat. At 9.30 am after freshening up, and lavish breakfast in the hotel itself, tour team left for Bangalore Darshan. In the Morning, visit was given to Iskcon Temple where everyone had lunch and then in the evening, tour members gave a visit to famous garden in Bangalore that is Lal Bagh Garden.Experiences at Iskcon Temple and Lal Bagh in Bangalore were indeed worth remembering and cherishing. At Iskcon temple especially students got an idea of how such a big temple is being managed and also about operation of several businesses in and around temple area. This visit indeed offered practical inputs on application of management principles being taught in class.

At one of the prominent Parks in Bangalore that is Lal Bagh, through interaction with Local Vendors and Businessmen, students got acquainted with issues confronting them and learnt how market analysis need to be performed before starting up any business in tourist area.

After sightseeing, in the late evening, everyone was left for shopping at Mantri Square Mall located closer to the hotel itself. All the shopaholics shopped extensively at some of the branded stores out there. Team was back on the hotel at 8.30 pm and after dinner in the hotel itself all were sent to their respective rooms.

On 4th November 2015, team assembled for breakfast in hotel at 8.00 am. Immediately after breakfast, everyone left for Mysore at around 9.00am. Most of the time of the day went in travelling itself as it was indeed a long journey. As and when the bus took stops, students enjoyed the flavors of local food. The bus finally reached Mysore at 1.30pm and then team immediately checked in into Hotel Aishwarya Residency located in the heart of the city. All had Lunch in the hotel itself, and got an opportunity to get a taste of local Mysore food. As it was a long and a tiring journey, it was mutually agreed upon that everyone shall meet up back again at 5.00 pm after 2hrs of rest. At 5.00pm, all decided to go for shopping some Mysore artifacts and silk stuff. Through visits to Government run stores like ‘Kavery’ students gained inputs on the marketing gimmicks used and practicality of Product Branding and Brand Positioning concept. A visit was also given to Mall of Mysore at which, students gained insights about how the layout of the malls have been systematically planned and what techniques are being used by varied businesses to grab customer’s attention like discount offers and all. After extensive shopping and learning, team went back to hotel and after dinner to their respective rooms by around 10.00 pm.

On 5th November 2015, the team spent some memorable moments in the City of Sandalwood, Mysore. In the morning everyone had breakfast at Hotel Aishwarya Residency. The first spot visited was Chamundi Hills, wherein all took the blessings from the Chamundi Temple. Students developed an idea of how a temple has been turned into a tourist destination and they analyzed the varied businesses functioning in this area.

From the temple, team moved on to the limelight of Mysore that is Mysore Palace. A Visit to renowned Mysore palace offered some valuable historical inputs on the practices and proceedings of Maharajas of Mysore – Wodeyars. However, the highlight of the trip to palace was that students acquired knowledge about varied types of businesses which could be started off near historical sites. Staff members and Students also experienced Camel and Elephant Rides.

After a lunch at Hotel Aishwarya Residency everyone immediately left to give a visit to Mysore Zoo. The experience at zoo was an exceptional one wherein all got a chance to see varied species of animals and birds. The visit to Mysore Zoo indeed was a learning experience of how the people over there have started off simple businesses by correctly gauging customers and tourist needs. Here as well, students took the pleasure of local snacks and eatables.

The last sightseeing stop for the day was Brindavan Garden. Entire team was thrilled with the scenic beauty of Brindavan Garden. Through visit to Brindavan Garden, students received practical insights about attracting customers, tourists. Everyone got a chance to see the Musical Fountain Show in the Garden at around 7.30 pm. That was a unique experience and fascinated everyone to the core.

The much awaited Ooty visit happened on 6th November 2015 wherein GMFC members had a chilling and refreshing time amidst the lush green hills and scenic beauty of the city. After having the breakfast in Hotel Aishwarya Residency, early morning at 8.00 am bus left for Ooty. At around 2.30, all had lunch at one of the hotels in Ooty. Due to some uncertainties, bus reached Ooty little late that is at 4.00pm. Soon everyone checked in into Hotel Jayshanti at Ooty and rooms were assigned by Dr. ManojKamat. As the day had almost passed, all decided to go for street shopping in Ooty after 1hr rest break at 5.00pm. In the Cool and Breezy weather, everyone enjoyed walking in the city. Through their walk around the city and interactions, students got an idea of how industrial and business scenario over there is distinct from place like Goa and understood why maintaining that distinctiveness is essential. Then students gave visits to stores of their choice and assembled back near the bus at 8.30 pm. All had dinner in Hotel JayShanti at 9.15pm and then all went to their respective rooms.

As pre planned, the full day had tobe spent in Ooty for Sight Seeing. At 8.00 am after breakfast at Hotel Jayshanti all got into the bus for OotyDarrshan. Firstly visit was given to Doodabeta Tea Factory. Through visit to Doodabeta Tea Factory, students gained helpful insights on Tea Production and how Tea Leaves are being processed in a factory. They developed a thorough understanding of steps involved while processing tea in the factory and how packaging and all is done. Students of GMFC were given certificates by Factory authorities for giving a industrial visit.

The next spot on the list was Doodabeta Peak which is the highest mountain peak in the city of Ooty. Through this visit, students got inputs on varied business avenues available in Hill Stations. Through interaction with local vendors at these spots, they realized the methodology followed by them while deciding upon Product Pricing and also about risks involved and income generated through small businesses.

At Ooty Lake, experience was in fact an enlightening one, wherein students practically witnessed how a simple Lake has been turned into a major tourist destination by introducing several adventurous activities. They gained insights on how to go about planning, introducing and managing such activities by systematically analyzing the needs of children, teens, adults, and elderly tourists.
Ooty Lake

On 8th November morning after having breakfast in Hotel JayShanti, all started their travel back to Bangalore at 8.00 am. It was indeed a long and tiring journey of around 7hrs. As usual bus took stops at some of the eatery stalls. While travelling back via Ooty-Mysore-Bangalore route wherein the bus was passing through Wildlife Sanctuaries, all got chance to see on roadside wild animals of varied types. Everyone had lunch at 2.00 pm at one of the hotels mid way. Bus finally reached Bangalore on Bangalore VRL Bus stand at 5.30 pm. Since the bus to Goa was at 8.30 pm, everyone was seen engaging in discussions, chit chats and reminiscing the time spent together. Some went to shops around the Bus stand in Bangalore to purchase sweets and other stuff. Without realizing how speedily the fun filled and memorable 7 days of life had passed by, all boarded VRL Volvo Multi Axel Semi Sleeper AC Bus at 8.30pm and reached Goa the next day that is on 9th November at 8.00am.

However, it was not just the spots, but GMFC team had a wonderful time travelling as well; as students played games, sang and danced while travelling a long distance in between the cities. While travelling to and fro from Mysore to Ooty, all got a chance to see varied species of Deers, Elephants, Gaur openly moving around in Bandipur Open Wildlife Sanctury. They understood how locals over there have effectively introduced innovative businesses and activities even in a place like wildlife sanctuary. All the shopping lovers got a thorough contentment shopping around in the Malls and on the Local Street Shops in all Bangalore, Ooty and Mysore. Through this, students analyzed the difference in the Pricing, Branding, Promotion Tactics, Marketing tricks, and how seven P’s of Service Marketing are being differently applied by Businessmen in Malls and Local shops.

The tour was a delightful experience for all. It was an opportunity for all to get a good industrial and a business exposure and learn how management and marketing principles are applied by businessmen in tourist areas. Tour was also a platform for them to get a taste of local food, understand the culture and appreciate the beauty of these three cities and develop a strong bonding between each other.

Tour was planned and organized by Principal of Goa Multi Faculty College, Dr. Manasvi Kamat and Student Council Incharge Mr. Kaustubh Kamat.