Students Council

Goa Multi Faculty College successfully held election for its Student Council and University Class Representatives (UCR) elections for the academic year 2016-2017 on 30th July 2016 in the college premises. Mr. Kaustubh Kamat, Convener of Student Council ensured that election process went on smoothly and effectively. Principal Dr. Manasvi Kamat, elaborated on Election procedure and briefed students the rules pertaining to elections. This was followed by Student Council and UCR elections in a very democratic manner. The following were the council members :

SR.NO Name Faculty Class Post
1 Pawar Samir B.Com TY General Secretary
2 Salman Sheikh BBA TY Cultural Secretary
3 Naik Harichand BCom TY Sports Secretary
4 Naik Nikita BCA TY Ladies Representative
5 Ferrao Chester BCA FY Class Representative
6 Velip Darshan B.Com SY Class Representative
7 Naik Mayur BCA SY Class Representative
8 Vaishnavi Fatrekar B.Com TY Class Representative
9 Salim Shaikh BBA FY(A) Class Representative
10 Naik Manjita BBA FY(B) Class Representative
11 Katari Taslim B.Com FY Class Representative
12 Mallik Ritesh BBA SY(A) Class Representative
13 Vaiishnavi Fadte BBA SY(B) Class Representative
14 Gaonkar Pramay BBA TY(A) Class Representative
15 Wilson Fernandes BBA TY(B) Class Representative

The following were the UCR members:

1 .S Samban Sannu BBA FY
2 Balve Shivam BBA TY
3 Samarth Naik BCA FY
4 Kushte Shubham BCA SY
5 Rane Yuvraj BCA TY

The elections for the post of University Faculty Representative took place on 8th August 2016. Two UFR’s were selected; one being Mr. Khuste Shubham from SYBCA and Mr.Shivam Balve from TYBBA , who were selected unopposed.

All UCR/UFR Election results were communicated to university on 8th August 2016. Entire Election procedure went on smoothly with no trifles of any sort. The victory was celebrated by students peacefully in the campus.

Newly constituted Student Council of Goa Multi Faculty College celebrated Friendship Day in a grand way at Sanjeevani Sugar Factory Hall on 17th August 2016. Program which started at around 4.30pm was entirely planned & managed by Council Members with a perfect blend of Dance, Music & Competitions. The singing competition was liked and enjoyed by everyone. Every member made the crowd sing along with them but there were some really good singers who could win the title. The Rose King prize was bagged by Tanmay Malkanekar TY BBA B and the Miss Rose was won by Anjelin D’Costa of TY B.Com , whereas Yatin Kerkar from TY BCA won the the prize for maximum friendship bands.

Dahi Handi competition was organized by the students council on 26th August 2016.Event was organized to foster team building skills and also celebrate the Auspicious day of Janmastami.All classes participated in the event which was won by SYBBA A and TY B.Com we the runners Up.

Nature’s Club in coordination with the NSS unit and Student Council of Goa Multi-Faculty College had organized Nature’s Trek on 27th August, 2016 at Saleli waterfall, Honda-Goa.

Around 132 students along with the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college participated for the trek. The Moto for the trek was to provide knowledge to the students about the ecosystem in an enjoyable manner. Ms.Suchita Naik, lecturer in environmental studies explained to the students about river and forest ecosystem. After lunch, the students enjoyed playing in water which was the final part of the trek.

Dahi Handi competition was organized by the students council on 26th August 2016.Event was organized to foster team building skills and also celebrate the Auspicious season of Janmastami.All classes participated in the event and enjoyed the dance to its core.
University Representatives of Council sensitized the students of Goa Multi Faculty college on 22nd December 2016 about Goa Yuva Samvad Yojna (GSYS) and its benefits to students at large and also distributing the forms. Large number of students availed the benefits and forms we distributed by hands of the Principal Dr.Manasvi Kamat . The representatives thanked to college authorities for the support to make this scheme a successful activity.

With Christmas just around the corner, on 21st December 2016 , one of new activity organized by the council was inter class star making competition ,with aim at providing a platform for students to unleash their creativity and also showcase their new ideas.SYBBA (A) won the 1st Prize while TYBCA won the second prize. The stars were put in Prime location in college for all students.

Annual Fun week was carried out from 17/1/17 to 20/1/17 with all students actively participating to display their skills in various activities.
Annual College picnic was organized by students council at Hollant in Vasco on 21/1/17.
In the month of March,GMFC held its Annual Day Prize Distribution Function and Farewell to TY Students of BBA, BCA and B.Com students on this day which was organized by student council.