The department of Physical education and Sports of the college organised a staff Chess and Carrom tournament for the staff of the college on 29th October 2018. Overall 16 staff participated in the tournament.
In carrom it was a doubles event. The first match was played between Virendra/Devidas and Ajith/ Elroy where Virendra/Devidas won. Next match was between Nilaxi/Chandrika and Nilesh/Sai which was won by Nilesh/ Sai. In the third match Udas/Damodar prevailed over Ulhas/Sandesh. In the first semi finals Nilesh/Sai won against Virendra/Devidas. In the second semi final Prasad/Praneet got the better of Udas/Damodar. The final was played between Nilesh/Sai and Praneet/Prasad with Nilesh/Sai emerging victorious.
In chess the first match was played between Udas and Ajith where Udas won his match. In the next match Virendra won against Ulhas. In the semi finals Nilesh defeated Udas and Virendra defeated Sandesh. In the finals Nilesh was victorious over Virendra.