Special NSS Camp

Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dharbandora, organised the Annual Special Camp for its NSS volunteers from 11th to 17th November 2018. Shree Sateri Pissani Temple Grounds, Kalsai, Dabal, was selected as the main residential campsite. 46 (27 girls & 19 boys) students participated in the camp.

A brief Inaugural Function was organised to kick start the camp on an auspicious note. The Chief Guest of this event was the Chairman of S.S.P.E.S, Shri. Ganesh Gaonkar.  Asst. Prof. Ulhas Bansode, The Chief NSS coordinator of GMFC, officially declared the camp open at 12:20 pm during the Inaugural Ceremony. The chief guest for the inaugural ceremony Shri Ganesh Gaonkar, Chairman of S.S.P.E.S, reminded students of how lucky they were to be part of this formative and enriching camp experience. He also shared a few personal anecdotes.

Orientation: Asst. Prof. Neelesh Morajkar (the previous coordinator of the GMFC NSS wing) held an hour long orientation session. He told students of his camp experience over the last 3 years, the expected discipline and appropriate behaviour etc.

On Day 01 (11th Nov 2018), the students were divided into five groups. Each group selected their own group name, group leader and group slogan. Each Group was entrusted with the responsibility of a daily task.

Social Outreach Initiatives

Under the guidance and supervision of the Chief Programme Officer and other staff members, the participants of the camp took the initiative to organise various social outreach endeavours as listed below:

Medical Camp: On 12th Nov 2018, a free medical camp was organized for the villagers and student participants from 11:00 am to 1:30pm under the guidance of Dr. Anuradha Jog from Orja Wellness Centre, Margao. Around 30 people consulted with Dr. Anuradha Jog.

Rally: On 13th Nov 2018, the volunteers participated in a rally from 10:00 am to 11:00 am to highlight the message of Swachhata (Cleanliness).

Temple Cleaning: On 13th Nov, the NSS volunteers participated in cleaning the temple premises of Shree Sateri Pissani Devasthan from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm

Dengue Awareness & Cleanliness Drive:  On 14th Nov 2018, the volunteers visited Kalsai village to talk to villagers about the dangers of dengue and of ways to avoid this disease. They also emphasised on maintaining clean surroundings.

Sports: On 15th Nov 2018, the students took the initiative to organize a Sports Programme for the children living around the camp area. The sports activity began at 4:30 pm. Over 25 children from the village of Kalsai participated in games like building pyramids, toppling pyramids, tossing the ball, balloon race, and spoon and lemon race etc. They were provided with light refreshments.

Walk for Plastic Free Goa:   On 16th Nov 2018, staff and Student Volunteers walked through the village of Kalsai to spread the message of combating plastic pollution.

Cultural Show for Villagers of Kalsai: A Cultural Show was put up by the students on 16th Nov 2018 for the residents around the camp area to thank them for their help and cooperation.

Inter Group Competition

Various Inter-group competitions were organized to foster a spirit of healthy competition between the students. These competitions were held after 7:30 pm and were thoroughly enjoyed by all the students.

Sr. No Date Competition
1 11th Nov 18 Introduction of Groups & Ad Mad Show
2 12th Nov 18 Skit On Save the Girl Child & Placard Making
3 13th Nov 18 Comedy Show
4 14th Nov 18 Group Singing & Scavenger Hunt
5 15th Nov 18 Individual Talent Show & Treasure Hunt


Special Lectures/Talks

Many talks were held by various Resource Persons to enhance the students’ knowledge and understanding about various topics.

Talk on health and nutrition: On 12th Nov 2018, Dr. Anuradha Jog conducted short a talk on healthy living and proper nutrition for the students from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. She spoke about what foods to avoid, exercises that help maintain optimum energy levels etc.

Talk on Human Rights: On 13th Nov, Asst. Prof. Kaustubh Kamat gave a talk on ‘Human Rights’ and also informed students about the process to file an RTI

Talk On Communication: On 13th Nov, Asst. Prof. Sonam Gondlekar gave a talk on ‘Communication.’ She explained how miscommunication can occur and what can be done to overcome it.


Bag Making: On 14th Nov 2018, Mrs. Talaulikar, visited the camp to teach students how to make different kinds of bags from recycled materials.


Valedictory Function


A Valedictory Function was organised on 16th Nov 2018 at 5:30 pm. The Chief Guest for the function  was Shri. Arun Bicholkar, Secretary of SSPES.  

Principal Dr. Manasvi Kamat was the Special Invitee. Both Shri Bicholkar and Dr. Manasvi Kamat congratulated the students for successfully participating in the various activities organised daily during the camp and encouraged them to remain just as enthusiastic for future activities as well.

The Coordinator of the GMFC NSS Unit Shri Ulhas Bansode thanked the students and staff for their cooperation and understanding. He also thanked the residents around the camp area for their help.

This was followed by a short Prize Distribution Ceremony and Cultural Performances.


On the Last night at the camp, the students celebrated the success of this camp around a bonfire singing songs, dancing and sharing their personal experiences.


Best Group Overall: Group II

Best Group in Recreational: Group II

Best Group in Cleaning: Group II

Best Group in Kitchen Duty: Group V

Best Group in Exercise: Group III

Best Group In Hall Prep: Group IV

Best NSS Volunteer (Male): Vivek Dubey

Best NSS Volunteer (Female): Vishakha Naik

Best in Individual Talent Show: Nilesh Gaonkar