Report on Special NSS Camp (24th Dec to 30th Dec 2019)


 (Participants of GMFC NSS Special Annual Camp December 2019 at Kalsai, Dabal)

Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dharbandora, organised the week-long Annual Special Camp for its NSS volunteers from 24th Dec to 30th Dec 2019. Shree Sateri Pissani Temple Grounds, Kalsai, Dabal, was selected as the main residential campsite.  22 girls & 13 boys students participated in the camp.

Inaugural Ceremony

 (Principal Dr. Shaikh Mohammad Parvez Al-Usmani with teachers in-charge of the GMFC NSS units & other non-teaching staff)

The students arrived at the campsite on 24th December 2019, and began cleaning and preparing the area for a brief Inaugural Function in the afternoon. This Inaugural Ceremony was organized to kickstart the camp on an auspicious note. The Chief Guest of this event was the Principal of GMFC,  Dr. Shaikh Mohammad Parvez Al-Usmani.  The Principal stated that by participating in such camps students become self-sufficient, and learn how to take collective responsibility to complete daily tasks. He also shared a few anecdotes to illustrate that the desire for social service should come from a feeling of genuine care and concern for the community around us.

The Principal’s address was followed by the lamp lighting ceremony and floral welcome.  Next, Asst. Prof. Neelesh Morajkar reminisced about his experiences in the camp during the years that he headed the GMFC NSS unit.

Later, Asst. Prof. Ulhas Bansode, The Chief NSS Coordinator of GMFC, thanked the Principal and the Management of Sateri Pissani Education Society for their support in organizing the camp. After this, the camp was officially declared open at 3:45 pm.

Orientation: The Inaugural Session was followed by a quick Orientation by Asst. Prof. Ulhas Bansode  (the Coordinator of the GMFC NSS Wing), where students were told about the expected discipline and appropriate behaviour during the camp, motto of NSS, NSS song etc.

Next the teachers in-charge of the GMFC NSS Units, Asst. Prof. Ulhas Bansode (Coordinator), Asst. Prof. Sandhya Joseph(Programme Officer) and Asst. Prof. Shraddha Naik (Member) divided the students into five groups. Each group was asked to selected their own group name, group leader and group slogan. Each Group was entrusted with the responsibility of a daily task.

Social Outreach Initiatives

The participants of the camp took the initiative to organise various social outreach endeavours.  This was done under the guidance and supervision of the teachers in charge, that is, Asst. Prof. Ulhas Bansode (Coordinator), Asst. Prof. Sandhya Joseph(Programme Officer) and Asst. Prof. Shradha Naik (Member) and other staff members.  



(Rally on Plastic Free Goa through Kalsai, Dabal)

Rally on Plastic Free Goa:   On 25th Dec 2019, staff and student volunteers participated in a rally through the village of Kalsai to spread the message of combating plastic pollution. This was followed by a quick brainstorming session where students, through mutual discussion, came up with ways/ideas to reduce indiscriminate use of plastic in their own homes.

(Village Cleaning Drive by NSS Camp volunteers)

Village Cleaning Drive: After the rally on 25th Dec 2019, student volunteers went around the vicinity and collected waste strewn around on street corners, drains and outside courtyards.

Temple Cleaning: On 27th Dec, the NSS volunteers participated in cleaning the temple premises and surroundings of Shree Sateri Pissani Devasthan from 8:30 am to 10:00 am



(Dr. Priya Agarwal from Oorja Wellness Centre at Medical camp organized by GMFC NSS Volunteers)

Medical Camp: On 27th Dec 2019, a free medical camp was organized for the villagers and student participants from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm under the guidance of Dr. Priya Agarwal from Oorja Wellness Centre, Margao. Around 30 villagers and NSS volunteers met Dr. Agarwal for a free consultation.

Sports For Village Children: On 28th Dec 2019, the students volunteers took the initiative to organize a Sports Programme for the children living around the camp area. The sports activity began at 4:30 pm. Over 25 children from the village of Kalsai participated in games like lemon and spoon race, toppling pyramids, snatch the ring, hitting the wicket, and fill the glass race etc. Students & their parents were provided with light refreshments.  


(NSS Special Camp Participants & Staff in Rally on Save the Girl Child)

Rally on Save the Girl Child: On 29th Dec 2019, the volunteers participated in a rally from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Students held up placards advocating gender equality and shouted slogans about saving the girl child.

Cultural Show for Villagers of Kalsai: A Cultural Show (consisting of dance performances, songs, skit etc.) was put up by the students on  29th Dec 2019 for the residents around the camp area to thank them for their hospitality and cooperation. 

Cultural/Recreational Programme & Inter Group Competition

Many cultural/recreational activities were organised at the campsite on a daily basis. These activities allowed students a creative outlet for their many talents; at the same time, the event also directed students’ attention to pertinent social issues. Inter-group competitions were organized to foster a spirit of healthy competition and considerate sportsmanship between the students. These competitions were held after 6:30 pm and were thoroughly enjoyed by all the students. Asst. Prof. Sandhya Joseph took on the responsibility of overseeing this part of the camp schedule.




Christmas Tree Making


Introduction of Groups: Students had to introduce every member of the group in 3-4 lines. Choose, State and explain a group name. Choose, state & explain a group slogan. This was designed as a team building and ice-breaker event on. This event was judged by Asst. Prof. Shubham Naik and MTS staff member Suresh Gaonkar

Antaskshari: Students played this familiar age-old game as an ice breaker activity. This event was not judged.

Group Singing: the Songs were in Hindi/English/ Konkani/Marathi. Groups were judged on Clarity of Lyrics, Group Synchronization & Entertainment Appeal by Asst. Prof. Kalpita Naik and MTS Mahesh Gaonkar on 25th Dec 2019.

Surprise Christmas Party: To celebrate the Spirit of Christmas, the staff members organized a surprise Christmas Party for the Students on 25th Dec 2019. Mr. Vivek Dubey from TYBCA dressed as the Santa Claus. The party included laughter and music (including Christmas Carols), delectable sweets and other eatables. 

Mime: Since road safety is evolving into an issue of major social concern, students were asked to create mime performances on this topic. This competition was held on 26th Dec 2019, and MTS Saiprasad Naik & Asst. Prof. Sandesh Gaonkar judged this competition.

Mehendi Competition: This competition, on 27th Dec 2019, was an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity. The Groups were judged on Complexity of design, Neatness & Visual appeal. Asst. Prof. Sandesh Gaonkar & Asst. Prof. Shradha Naik were the judges for this competition.

Rangoli Making: The topics for this competition were: Water conservation, Importance of Constitution of India & Plastic Free Goa. This competition was judged by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manasvi Kamat and Mrs. Trupti Naik on Neatness & Visual Appeal, Creativity and Relevance to theme. This event was held on 28th Dec 2019.

Scavenger Hunt: Here the participants had to run around the campsite collecting objects mentioned in the ‘Find Items List’ within the stipulated time limit. This event held on 28th Dec 2019 and was judged by Asst. Prof. Sandhya Joseph and Asst. Prof. Shradha Naik with the assistance of Asst. Prof. Ulhas Bansode

Individual Talent Show: This was an opportunity for students to display their individual talents. The Judge was the librarian of GMFC, Mr. Ajit Faras. Students were marked on Creative ability/mastery over artistic form & entertainment appeal. The winner was Akhil Naik from SYBCA.

Wealth Out of Waste: This competition was conducted to promote the ‘recycle & reuse’ philosophy amongst students. Students were asked to ulitize any free time in the camp on a daily basis to create usable artefacts. They were given one hour on 29th Dec to put finishing touches on their exhibits and present them to the judges 

Santa Claus Mask Making: This was a fun event held on 29th Dec 2019 to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

Mrs. Anjali Bicholkar , Mr. Kedar  and Devidas Gaonkar were the judges for events held on 29th Dec 2019.

Special Talks & Visits

(Talk on Waste Management)

Talk on Waste Management: On 27th December 2019, a talk was conducted  on waste management. Mr. Richard Fernandes, Assistant Manager at Goa Waste Management Corporation, Saligao, was the resource person for the talk. He emphasized on the importance of making judicious use of resources and ultimately following the 3 R’s of environmental protection: Reduce , Reuse and Recycle. 

He also explained the importance of waste segregation into biodegradable and non-biodegradable( or recyclable and non-recyclable) categories.  This has to be done at the level of individual home owners

Talk on Nutrition & Exercise: On 27th December 2019,  Dr. Priya Agarwal, an  Ayurvedacharya , from an Ayurveda clinic  ‘Oorja Wellness Centre’ located in Margao, visited the campsite along with her two companions , pharmacists. In her talk, she emphasised on following healthy diet and nutrition and practising routine exercise which in turn results in all round sound mental development.


(The Vice-Chairman Of S.P.E.S. Shri. Jeetendra Naik delivered a talk on Integrity & Values)

Talk on Importance of Integrity & Values: On 27th December 2019, a talk was organised on the Importance of Integrity & Values. The resource person for the  talk was the Vice-Chairman of Sateri Pissani Education Society, Shri. Jeetendra Naik. He had a very lively interaction with the volunteers and spoke about his personal experiences in handling  issues related to youth and how they can be given proper guidance & encouragement. How mentoring can bring the best out of them. He spoke on various real life situations he came across with respect to problems faced by teenagers in terms of academics, and other personal issues.  

Talk on Personality Development: On 28th December 2019, a talk was organised on personality development. The resource person was Mr. Mandar Fatarpekar. He started by highlighting the importance of all-round development and by mentioning certain attributes of a confident individual. He gave various tips on how to “wear” confidence by using Body language, composure, command over language etc. 

(The secretary of S.P.E.S. Shri Arun Bicholkar visited the camp and had a few words of encouragement for the staff members. Dr. Manasvi Kamat conducted a special talk on Social & Moral Values)

Talk on Social & Moral Values: On 28th  December 2019, Dr. Manasvi Kamat an Associate Professor from SPES’s Goa Multi-Faculty college, Dharbandora,  gave a talk on ‘Social and Moral Values.’ She spoke on the Importance of Morals & Ethics. This talk portrayed Respect, Empathy, Love, care, Affection, Loyalty, Honesty etc. as the pillars of a good society.  

Talk on Fundamental Rights & Duties: This talk was organized on 29th December 2019. The Resource Person was Advocate Saprem Shirvoikar. He spoke about  how the Constitution of India came into force, Constitution Day, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Right to Equality, CAA, Section 370 etc. 

Other Activities

Other than the activities mentioned above, campers were required to participate in morning exercise, cooking and cleaning activities on a daily basis.

Valedictory Function

(The Chairman of Sateri Pissani Education Society, Shri. Ganesh Gaonkar, speaking at the valedictory function)

A Valedictory Function was organised on 29th Dec 2019 at 5:00 pm. The Chief Guest for the function was the Chairman of Sateri Pissani Education Society, Shri. Ganesh Gaonkar.  In addition, Shri. Arun Bicholkar, Secretary of S.P.E.S., also graced the ocassion with his presence; prominent representatives, from the village of Kalsai,  shared the dias with the Chairman and Secretary of S.P.E.S.

Principal Dr. Shaikh Mohammad Parvez Al-Usmani formally welcomed the gathering, expressed his appreciation for the NSS Programme Officers and other staff members who supervised and guided students during the residential camp and once again congratulated the students because ultimately it was their participation and collective cooperation that made the camp a success. This was followed by the lamp lighting ceremony and floral welcome.

In his address, the Chief Guest Shri. Ganesh Gaonkar, stated that camps like these are important because they teach students self-reliance. NSS camps develop student’s ability to take independent decisions which is very important in future life. Students also develop the understanding and patience required to get along with others. Later, The Secretary of SPES, Shri Arun Bicholkar, echoed the sentiments expressed by the Chief Guest & the Principal. 

A mention was made of the Special Academic Accolades won by those associated with GMFC as this showed that the contribution made by GMFC administration and staff was being recognised by prominent social agencies. 

The Chairman of SPES, Shri. Ganesh Gaoankar was awarded the ‘Bharat Vidya Ratan Award’ by the International Business Council. 

Dr. Shaikh Mohammad Parvez AI-Usmani, Principal of Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dharbandora, Goa was conferred with the fellowship of Academy of Environmental Biology (AEB) for his contribution to environmental issues. 

Asst. Prof. Dr.  Prasannakumar Ganji from the BBA department was awarded ‘Best Shikashaka Undergraduate Education of the Year 2019 ’ by Teachers Mitraa Trust, Dharward, Karnataka.

The recipients of these honours were cheered and applauded by the audience.  

The Chairman of SPES, Shri Ganesh Gaonkar, also took this opportunity to felicitate Mr. Devendra Gaonkar for his service. 

The Coordinator of the GMFC NSS Unit Asst. Prof. Ulhas Bansode thanked the management, students and staff for their cooperation. He acknowledged the Resource Persons who accepted the invitation extended by GMFC. He also thanked the residents around the camp area for their hospitality. Further, he expressed his appreciation for Mrs. Supria Gaonkar for assisting in culinary preparations, Mr. Prabhakar Gaonkar & Shekar Desai (temple in-charge & Priest respectively) for their help, and Mr. Devedra Gaonkar for his support during the camp.

This was followed by distribution of prizes to the village children who participated in the Sports Activity on 28th Dec 2019, Distribution on Participation Certificates among camp participants and cultural performances. 


(Principal Dr. Shaikh Mohammad Parvez Al-Usmani and staff members around the camp fire)

On the Last night at the camp, the students celebrated the success of this camp around a bonfire singing songs, dancing and sharing their personal experiences.


After calculating the daily scores assigned to each group, the winners were announced on 30th December 2019 at the campsite before getting into the bus to get back to college. Asst. Prof. Sandhya Joseph announced the following:

Best Group Overall: Group I

Best Group in Recreational: Group III

Best Group in Cleaning & Hall Preparation: Group I

Best Group in Kitchen Duty: Group II

Best Group in Exercise: Group I

Asst. Prof. Sandhya Joseph went on to announce the individual winners in the female category after enumerating the reasons why the students listed below were selected in the specific categories

Best NSS Camp Volunteer: Lishma 

Best Team Player: Vishakha Naik

Special Contributor: Bhagyashree Gaude

Special Gift: Hema Wagmare

Then Asst. Prof. Ulhas Bansode announced the winners in the Male Category

Best NSS Volunteer (Male): Akhil Naik

Best Team Player : Gautam Yelgar

Special Contributor:  Vivek Dubey

Gift: Swaraj Vaghekar

Individual Talent Show Winner: Akhil Naik


The campers returned to the college campus on the morning of 30th Dec 2019. The whole camping experience was marked by the energetic enthusiasm of students who used this occasion to have fun; bond with their peers and engage in creating social awareness.