Public Awareness Campaign at GMFC to Influence Public Behavior on Covid-19

With reference to the email received from the Director of Higher Education on Wed, Oct 7, 2020, the following activities were undertaken at S.P.E.S’s Goa Multi- Faculty College, Dharbandora, from 8 th October, (Thursday) 2020 to 15 th October, (Thursday) 2020.
1.Covid Pledge: on 8 th October, (Thursday) 2020, the NSS volunteers of GMFC took a pledge where they committed to remain vigilant and take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the Covid -19 virus. Around 70 students participated in this event via the google meet platform. The pledge was administered by Asst. Prof. Ulhas Bansode, Coordinator of the NSS Cell.

2.Flyer: The Department of Library & Information Science of GMFC created a flyer which listed Covid-19 Prevention tips. The same was shared with teachers, who were then asked to screen the said flyer before the onset of every lecture in their respective subjects.

3.Webinar on ‘Healthy Nutrition Habits during the Current Pandemic’
On 14 th October, (Wednesday) 2020 S.P.E.S’s Goa Multi Faculty college organized a webinar on the topic ‘Healthy Nutrition Habits during the Current Pandemic.’
The resource person talked about safety norms to be followed in order to protect oneself from the infection of the deadly Covid-19.
The resource person emphasized on boosting immunity by following healthy habits during the current covid-19 situation. She informed students how they can boost immunity by taking the proper nutrients from their regular diet. She spoke about the major sources of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamin D, zinc, which very essential to our body. The resource person also explained how to make the Kadha at home by using the readily available resources. The webinar was coordinated by the teaching staff mainly Asst. Prof. Analya Mulik, Asst. Prof. Sandhya Joseph, Asst. Prof. Ulhas Bansode and Asst. Prof. Sonam Gondlekar.