One-Day Skill Development Workshop for Non-Teaching Staff


SPES’s Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dharbandora-Goa organized One-Day Skill Development Workshop for Non-Teaching Staff on 24th December 2019. The workshop envisioned to give hands-on training on MS-Word, MS-Excel, Typing Master, and Gmail Essentials to the participants. The workshop began with a welcome note by the Principal, Dr. Shaikh Mohammad Parvez Al-Usmani. Further, Principal told participants the importance of such workshop for career advancement. The workshop was taken up in two sessions. Assistant Professor, Ms. Shradha Naik, and Assistant Professor, Ms. Nilaxi Chari, from Dept. of IT & Computer Applications, were the resource persons for the morning session and evening session respectively.

First session began at 9.30 am, where in Ms. Shradha started the session by giving an overview of the hands-on training and made them aware about the various software tools available, which can add on more speed, accuracy and efficiency in their typing skills. She made the participants comfortable with typing tutor software and made them learn the basic techniques by having hands-on experience on the actual software so that they can use the keyboard efficiently and get familiar with the dynamics of keyboard environment. She gave them various tips about how to use fingers on keyboard so they can type or edit the content quickly. She also emphasized on usage of various keyboard shortcuts, which can be beneficial to avoid unnecessary delay in work. Further, Ms. Shradha gave them hands-on training on how to use MS-Excel for carrying out basic calculations, data entry, formatting and report generation. At the end of the first session, she explained the participants about creating Gmail account, essentials of email, and various functionalities of Google Drive. She also gave few suggestions on how to have regular backup and save daily official work periodically in case of system crash or any other technical failure.

Second session commenced at 2.00 p.m. sharp. Ms. Nilaxi Chari welcomed the participants, and made them familiar with MS Word environment. Main attention was given on creation of quality documents and formatting/aligning the document content. She made them work on creation/edition of tables, working with basic formulas on the table content, and text wrapping and alignment within the table. Further, she demonstrated various paragraph alignment tools and features that can make the document readable. Participants were taught how to insert images in the document, how to edit the inserted graphics, how to wrap the text around the graphics and usage of watermarks in the document. Finally, Ms. Nilaxi, gave them hands-on training on different techniques of Mail Merge.

All the participants enthusiastically worked on the assigned task throughout the workshop. They were very much involved in learning and trying out the features and got their doubts clarified. The workshop came to an end at 5.00 p.m, with a positive feedback from all the participants.