National Youth Week

Goa Multi-Faculty College Dharbandora-Goa had organized a talk on “National Youth Day” the Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand.

The Key speaker Asst. Prof. Mr. Prasannakumar Ganji hightlighted the life of Swami Vivekanand and he focused on 6 main point of Youth, Women Empowerment, Uplifting Poor People, Nation Building, Policy Making and Educationalist towards building of National Youth.

He explain that no one can help us on this journey towards the Self except ourselves. Yoga philosophy prescribe four spiritual paths to attain knowledge of the Self: Karma-Yoga, the path of selfless action; Bhakti-Yoga, the path of devotion; Raja-Yoga the path for concentration and meditation; and Ynan-Yoga, the path of knowledge and discrimination.

Three Programmes Officers and two teaching staff and around 70 students of B.Com students had attended the talk.