Motivation Program

Goa Multi Faculty College incessantly strives to create congenial learning environment not only for its students but also for its Faculty members. As a part of this initiative, college organized a program on “Motivation” for its Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff members on 20th October 2015 from 10.30 to 12.30 pm. Program was organized with intent to give staff members a break from their routine work and motivate them for their personal and professional development.

This 2hrs session on Motivation was facilitated by Sister Deepa & Brother E.V. Gireesh from Prajapati Brahmakumaris Vishwa Vidyalaya. Program began with a welcome address by Principal Dr. Manasvi Kamat wherein she appreciated the Brahma Kumaris Institute for agreeing to deliver the Session and getting best of best faculties from Mumbai. Sister Deepa while addressing the staff members asserted that only if we are learning we can teach others. If we are externally motivated, such motivation won’t last long. We need to be ignited from within to be happy and satisfied. Don’t Live for Happiness; Live with Happiness; she stated.

Don’t consider your life as Work; were the words of Brother Gireesh as he addressed the staff members. Bonus, Perks, Incentives, and Perquisites can’t help the organization survive and grow; only self-motivation can help us survive. With examples and his own experiences he beautifully led the staff members through R’s of Education and three aspects of Internal Motivation namely; Direction, Intensity and Persistence. Staff Members also experienced a Meditation session of around 10 mins from Sister Deepa.

It was indeed a power packed program and was well received by all the staff members. Brahma Kumaris Team were appreciated by Principal for their fun filled an interactive approach of session delivery. Program ended with Vote of Thanks by Mr. Prasanna Kumar Ganji.