International Marketing Talk


The Department of Business Administration of the Goa Multi Faculty College has organised a Guest Lecture on “Management Accounting and International Marketing on 31st March, 2016. The Session started with a warm welcome note given by the HOD, Mr. Kaustubh Kamat and then handed over the session to Mr. Bharat Malviya

Mr. Malviyastarted off the session by introducing the topic. He put special emphasis by covering certain contemporary issues in Marketing which are being faced by the marketing Community of late. During the course of his presentation, he covered the critical aspects of:

  • Marketing Concepts
  • Marketing Research
  • Concepts of International Marketing
  • EPRG Frame-work of International Trade
  • Overall, the session went really smooth and the participants were also participative. The entire session was interactive. After discussing intensively about the above mentioned issues, the speaker concluded the session and answered the queries of the students.

    Followed by the International Marketing, Mr. Malviya started a session on Management Accounting. He specifically covered the Topic of “Break-Even Analysis for Managerial Decision Making”. During his course teaching, he also covered several aspects of Managerial decision making using techniques like Budgetary control and capital budgeting decisions.The students were all interactive and were active during the session. The session came to an end with a round of question-answer session.

    Mr. Subasish Mohanty offered the vote of thanks to the Guest Speaker, Mr. Malviya. Mr. Malviya also expressed his gratitude towards the participants and the institute of such an opportunity given.