Inter College Tennikoit Championship


The inter college Tennikoit championship was held from 10th to 12th September 2019. A total of 14 students attended a 1 month long camp. The students were mostly from the 2nd year. Out of the 14 students, 10 students, 5 boys and 5 girls were selected to represent the college at the inter college event. The selected players were Ogam Gaonkar (SYBBA), Omkar Bibolkar(SYBCA), Prayag Sawant (SYBCA), Siddhesh Sawant (TYBCA) and Alvis Fernandes (SYBCom). The girls team consisted of Sanjana Satarkar (SYBBA), Hansi (SYBBA), Ashfina Ali(FYBBA), Hassina Shaikh (FYBBA) and Pallavi Naik (FYBBA).

In the 1st round the college team faced Zantye College, Bicholim. The 1st game was played by Prayag and he won his match 2-0. In the 2nd game Siddhesh defeated his opponent 2-0 in a tough match. The college team won the round 2-0. In the 2nd round the college team faced a very experienced Agnel Institute college. In the 1st match Siddhesh won 2-0. In the 2nd match Omkar won a closely fought match 2-0. We won the round 2-0. In the quarter final the college team played Caculo College. Omkar won his match. Siddhesh lost his match. In the doubles Siddhesh and Omkar won their match. We won the quarter finals 2-1. In the semi finals the team faced Rosary College. Siddhesh won his match. Omkar lost his match. In the doubles Omkar and Siddhesh lost the match. It was a closely fought contest with our students putting up a valiant fight against the experienced players of Rosary College. Eventually we lost the semi finals by a close margin. The college team secured 3rd place at the inter collegiate tennikoit championship.  The college team received a lot of applauds from the officials and senior players who witnessed he matches.



In the girls section the college team played against GVM College. Sanjana lost her match. Hansi won her match. In the doubles Sanjana and Hansi lost the match. We lost the tie 2-1.