SSPES’s Goa Multi-Faculty college organized an industrial visit for TYBCom students at Codli Mine of Vedanta Ltd on 11th December 2015. A batch of 50 students were accompanied by Principal, Dr. Manasvi Kamat and Mr. Vinod Malik (Sports Director).

Upon reaching the company premises, students were guided by Ms. Leena Verekar (AGM – Community Relations) and were taken for a round at the mining site. Further Mr. Rishi Mishra briefed students about mine with a special emphasis on Codli Mie and explained the use of reservoirs etc. Students gained valuable insights about how mining is carried out and also got acquainted with some startling facts relating to mining. Students were also taken to Rejection Dump Site where they acquired inputs on how dumping is done and developed an understanding of different layers of Dumping. At Dumping site, students were directed by Mr. Ashish Pilankar.

Once the visit to the mining site was over, students were led to the Auditorium Room wherein Mr. Rishi Mishra delivered a brief presentation on mining activities undertaken at Codli Mine. After this, Mr. Ashish Pilankar highlighted CSR activities organized at Codli Mine with special emphasis on Water Service, Football Club, Health Facilities, Forming of NGO’s and other Infrastructural Facilities.

This visit was indeed a informative one wherein by having a look at mining site, students gained insights about treatment of water collected in Reservoirs and Plantation on site. Students realized importance of Mining as a requisite of economy as it provides employment, generates revenue to government and contributes to growth of other sectors like Banking, Transport etc.

Students did express their desire to have several more such visits in future course of time.