Industrial Visit to Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant.

Industrial Visit for students of BBA, BCA and BCom to Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant.


On 02.03.2024, a group of 59 students from SPES'S Goa Multi-Faculty College, along with 6 staff

members, visited the Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant in Karnataka. The purpose of the visit was to

provide the students with an opportunity to gain exposure to the operations of a nuclear power

plant. The objective of the visit was to educate students about the working of the Kaiga Nuclear

Power Plant and provide them with valuable insights into its operations.

The students were accompanied by Mr. Aldrin DSouza, who guided them throughout the visit.

Upon arrival, the visit commenced with a presentation about the plant and its operations by Mr.

Shrinivas. This presentation provided an overview of the plant's functions and its contribution to the

power generation in the region. Following the presentation, the students were treated to a delicious

lunch at the plant canteen. This provided an opportunity for the students to interact with the

employees of the plant and gain more insights into their experiences and responsibilities.

After lunch, the students were taken on a technical tour of the plant. They were guided through the

training simulator, control room, and various other technical areas. The plant personnel explained

the intricacies of the plant's operations, safety measures, and the role of nuclear energy in power

generation. The visit to the Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant offered the students a deep understanding of

the processes involved in nuclear power generation. They learned about the safety protocols,

maintenance procedures, and the significance of nuclear energy as a sustainable energy source.

Overall, the visit to the Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant was a highly informative and insightful

experience for the 59 students from SPES’S Goa Multi-Faculty College. The students gained

valuable real-world knowledge about the functioning of a nuclear power plant and its role in the

energy sector. This visit plays a crucial role in enhancing their academic learning and practical

exposure. Visit was co-ordinated by Ms. Sonam Gondlekar, Ms. Kalpita Naik, Mr. Sandesh

Gaonkar and Ms. Milan Gaonkar. Ms. Ruchi Kuttikar and Mr. Girish Goankar also assisted in

organising the visit.