BBA Department of Goa Multi-Faculty College organized an industrial visit to Goa Dairy Ltd, Ponda on 5th August 2016 for FYBBA Students. The divisions A & B were taken separately to see the dairy so that everyone gets the clear information as how the processes go about. Students were first taken to RMRD (Raw Milk Receiving Dock) section. The concerned Incharge explained that milk is bought from 200 set ups to this section. After receiving the milk there are various quality tests done to check the quality of the milk E.g. Organo Laptic Test. Further in the Production Section, there is separation of cow milk and buffalo milk.

Core part is the pasteurization of milk. This section is referred to as “Heart of Production.” Then it is sent to processing section where packing of different milk is done namely high fat milk, low fat milk etc.

Then Dr. Dhuri gave students a brief idea of how the whole of the Goa dairy plant works as in how many members are involved, people and families employed. He also told about the facilities provided by the government and by Goa dairy to the dairy farmers.

Visit was indeed a very informative one and students acquired in depth insights about the functioning of a Dairy Unit. Students were accompanied by Mr. Kaustubh Kamat and Mr. Rajendra Gounder from Department of Business Administration and Economics respectively.