BCA Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit for BCA

BCA department of Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dhabandora, Organized Industrial Visit tothe different IT industries in Goa on 7th February 2017.Three IT companies were selected for the visit: Infinyt 3D,Parinati Solutions and CIBA. Total 115 BCA students visited the same. Four Faculty members were deputed from the GMFC to accompany the students.

A batch of 38 FYBCA students was taken to Infinyt 3D at Verna Industrial Estate-Goa.Assistant Professor, Ms. Siddhi Bhandankar and Ms. Nilaxi Chari accompanied the students. Director Mr. Ryan Vaj addressed the students and explained the Services and the products they manufacture.

Assistant Professor, Mr. Sameer Patil accompanied 44 SYBCA students to visit Parinati Solutions at Verna, Goa. Director, Ms. Shubhra Hede addressed the students and explained them the workflow

33 students of TYBCA were taken to CIBA at Verna, Goa. Assistant Professor, Mr. R.JebaRaj accompanied the students guided by Mr.VenuGopal.