Field Trip to Miramar Beach

Department  : B.Com & B.CA

Coordinator :  Ms. Suchita Naik, Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies

Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dharbandora, organised a field trip for its first year B.Com and B.CA students at Miramar beach to study the Marine Water Ecosystem, Garbage Management and the Sand Binders “SPINIFEX” on 15th July 2017.

The said field trip was a part of syallabus for F.Y Bcom and B.CA, prescribed by the Goa University in the subject of Environmental studies.

The Students were then taken to the Malabar Pit Viper Photo Exhibition organized by Mr. Nirmal Kulkarni at Sanskruti Bhavan, Department of Arts and culture, Patto Panaji. Around 40 different photos of same species were exhibited.

The snake is endemic to western Ghat and with 7-8 color morphs, the images were shot by 35 renowned photographers (some BBC wild life, National Geography). Mr. Sunil Sachi has given valuable information to our students by explaning about the natural behavior.

Later the students also visited to Merces Panaji, there they studied about estuarine water ecosystem and also learnt the importance of mangrove forest. At the same time, they also had visit to Khazan land and unique ecosystem where peddy fields are grown with salt water or estuarine water.

Field trip was concluded at 3.00pm on the same day. Students got an opportunity to learn about the ecosystems, biodiversity of estuarine ecosystem and Malabar pit viper through this field trip.

Th field trip was coordinated by Ms. Suchita Naik, Asst. Professor in Environmnetnal Studies, GMFC, Dharbandora under the guidance of Dr. Manasvi Kamat.