Final year students of BBA (HR) accompanied by Asst. Prof. Dhanashree Dessai were privileged to attend workshop on Entrepreneurship and Skill Development organised by Directorate of Sports and Youth affairs conducted under the scheme of implementation of “Goa State Youth Policy 2015” on 14/01/2016 in Sadhashiv Marathe Hall at Pilliem, Dharbandora Goa.

The workshop started with welcome note by Sandeep Patil, Professor of V.S. Laad Higher Secondary. He said “Youths are the most important part of the society and their development is necessary in order to develop the country as a whole”.

Firstly Lizet Kabra Administrator at Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs through her inspiring words spread awareness about youth policy and its importance among the crowd. After which Chief Guest Mr. Ankush addressed and passed youths about Swami Vivekananda message “Use your energy, develop your skill and try to look after overall development of country” and motivated the crowed to follow footsteps of Sawamiji.

The first session of the day was on “Identification of Business Opportunity” the speaker Mr Salim Khaji interacted with participants and clarified “How one should identify & grab the business opportunities”. Further he stressed on market scope, acceptable return on investment and technical, commercial and managerial viability of business idea. He encouraged youths that they should come up with new innovative idea and should try to develop existing product and services. Further he continued his session with live examples of some successful entrepreneurs.

The second session was on “Why Entrepreneurship” by Anand Kumar Lotlikar, who is a big Entrepreneur of Goa, and have his own Branding Consultancy in Goa. He started his session with motivational video which was on the difficulties & problems faced by the entrepreneurs and how to tackle the same. Further he spoke about entrepreneurs that they are the one who innovates or introduces new idea, take risk and bear uncertainty, which come up with right strategy and put efforts, hard work to transform innovation into economic goods.

Third session was conducted by Amey Karmali, Manager of CIBA who had spread awareness of two different schemes provided by State and Central Govt. to start new business amongst the youth. First he told about Dr. Varghese Kurien Rojgar Yojana and secondly he spoke about Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme. He explained eligibility criteria, age & education requirement, borrowing limit, interest rates, repayment of loan and detailed procedure to be followed to apply for the schemes.

Mrs Rita had conducted fourth session on Motivation were she tried to motivate crowd in unique ways. She had stressed on importance of Goal setting & planning the way towards achievement of the same. She also told youth about five golden rules of Goal setting i.e. set the goals which motivates you, set SMART goals, set the goals in writing, make an action plan and stick with your goal.

We were fortunate to have Avin Naik to conduct fifth session on Experience Sharing, were he told some interesting & motivating stories. He said in life, all will face challenges and difficulties, but believe that “Where there is will there is a way”. At the end of workshop all youths were seen very enthusiastic and energetic. The workshop was a great success and a great experience for all the participants.