College Alumni Reunite

“College Alumni Reunite: Successful Meeting Held on 16/03/2024”

Venue: College Hall, SPES’s Goa Multi-Faculty College
Agenda and Proceedings:

  1. Commencement: The meeting commenced promptly at 3 pm with a warm welcome
    to all attendees.
  2. Introduction: The Principal provided a brief introduction, highlighting the
    significance of the Alumni Association in fostering connections and contributing to
    the college’s growth.
  3. Lamp Lighting Ceremony: A symbolic lamp lighting ceremony was conducted to
    signify the enlightenment and unity of the alumni community.
  4. Introduction of Committee Members: The committee members were introduced to
    the gathering, showcasing the diverse expertise and dedication within the association.
  5. General Body Election: An election was held to elect new members to the General
    Body, ensuring representation from various batches and disciplines.
  6. Welcome of Newly Elected Members: The newly elected members were welcomed
    with floral arrangements, signifying a fresh start and renewed commitment to the
    association’s goals.
  7. Discussion on Future Activities: The meeting included fruitful discussions on
    upcoming college activities and initiatives to be undertaken through the Alumni
    Association’s support and involvement.
  8. Conclusion: The meeting concluded at 4:45 pm, marking a successful reunion and
    setting the stage for collaborative efforts in advancing the college’s objectives.
    Outcome: The alumni meeting at SPES’s Goa Multi-Faculty College served as a platform for
    networking, idea exchange, and strategic planning, reaffirming the alumni community’s role
    in shaping the college’s future endeavors.