Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean India Mission is a nation-wide campaign in India that aims to clean up the street, roads and infrastructure of cities towns, urban and rural cities and area in India.
As a part of moral responsibility towards maintenance of sanitation and hygienic environment, students and staff of S.P.E.S’s Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dharbandora, Goa voluntarily emerged with an idea of organising cleanliness drive which was held on Wednesday, 12th February 2020.
Asst. Professor Mr.Ulhas Bansode and Asst. Professor Ms. Kalpita Naik were given the charge of organising this activity.
On this occasion, Our Principal Dr. Shaikh Mohammad Parvez Al-Usmani, emphasized on the active contribution and cooperation towards promoting awareness amongst general masses pertaining to cleanliness mission.
The students across all departments B.C.A, B.B.A, B.COM enthusiastically participated in the cleanliness drive in and around the vicinity of college.


Respective mentors of classes were made in-charge to supervise and monitor the drive meticulously along with an additional accompanying teachers as support staff and non- teaching staff.
The students meticulously combed through the streets outside the college also in the interiors of village areas and picked up various kinds of non-biodegradable waste like plastic bottles, tin cans, fruit juice packs, used balls pens, discarded footwear, mobile phone covers etc.

After this, Mr. Pranit Patil and Mr. kevuy Bandodkar from Central Hospital Tisk-Usgao gave a visit to our college, observed the cleanliness activity, shared his valuable thoughts and appreciated the collective efforts taken by staff and students of S.P.E.S’s Goa Multi-Faculty College.
Refreshments were served for all the participating staff and students