The college students participated in the inter college Badminton Tournament organised by Goa University from 16th to 18th July 2019 at Peddem Sports Complex. The selections to represent the college team in the Badminton Championship was held on 6th July for boys and 8th July 2019 for girls at the Sanjeevani Sugar Factory Hall. In total 13 boys and 17 girls reported for the selections. The players were made to play against each other to select the 6 best players to represent the college in Men and an additional player was kept as a reserve section and  4 best players in the women section with one reserve player. After all the rounds the top 6 men players and 4 women players from the college were selected.  A one week practice session was conducted for the selected players (boys) at Sanvordem Sports Complex and at Sanjeevani Sugar factory ground for girls.

The selected students (boys) were Arjun Reddy (SYBCA), Pratik Naik (SYBBA), Rahul Pereira (FYBCA), Omkar Naik (SYBCA), Shubham Prabhu (SYBCA) and Tejas Hanimadi (SYBCom). Jazib Ghouri (SYBBA) was a reserve player. The girls selected were Vaishnavi Sinha (FYBBA), Aditi Naik (FYBBA), Utkarsha Palkar (FYBBA) and Radha Gavandar (SYBCom). Swati Naik (FYBCom) was the reserve player.

In the Men section the college team came up Nirmala Institute in the 1st round. The boys played to their best potential and defeated the opponents 3-0. In the 1st match Rahul Pereira won 2-0 against a strong opponent, in the 2nd match Arjun won 2-0, in the doubles both Arjun and Pratik showed their skills and performed well before winning 2-0. In the 2nd round the college team faced Dempo college. In the 1st match Rahul lost 0-2, in a tough fought 2nd match Arjun lost 0-2, the doubles match was played by Arjun and Pratik where they lost 0-2. Ultimately, the college team lost the tie 0-3 to Dempo College.

In the women section the team played against SREIT, Shiroda. The 1st match of the 1st roundwas played by Vaishnavi Sinha. She lost her match 2-0. The next match was played by Aditi Naik. She too lost the match 2-0. Ultimately our college lost the tie 2-0.

Overall it was a great experience for the students and they gave their best. It was encouraging to see the students putting in so much effort.