Anganwadi Visit at Pratapnagar Dharbandora conducted on 27.03.23

The Anganwadi Committee of GMFC organized a day visit at Pratapnagar Anganwadi Dharbandora Goa, on 27th March 2023.

Under the Anganwadi Adoption initiative of the college, students and staff members of Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dharbandora recently paid a visit to Anganwadi, Piliem, Dharbandora. During the visit, various fun-filled activities were organized for the Anganwadi children, such as collage making, drawing of arts, craft making, dancing, singing, and playing music. Thus, helping to develop their overall social, emotional, cognitive, and intellectual skills in them aimed at facilitating them in excelling in the activities of their interest and choice to help them to become role models in society. This endeavor provided a joyful experience to the students which was focused on the fun of learning with joy. Students namely, Ms. Saburi Sawant, Ms. Samiksha Govekar, Ms. Jarina Lathivur, Ms. Vaishnavi Nandodekar, Mr. Subhash Ganachari, Ms. Neha Prabhu, and Ms. Gandhita Velingkar were accompanied by the staff members, Ms. Sonam Gondlekar, Ms. Anaya Mulik, Ms. Milan Gaonkar, Ms. Sequoiah Eunice Fernandes, Mr. Prassad Kamat, and Ms. Ruchi Kuttikar.