30- Hour Short Term Course

Department of IT & Computer Applications in association with IQAC organised a 30- Hour Short Term Course on UI/UX design using Figma.
Resource Person: Alumnus of GMFC, Mr. Parshuram Lamani, Lead UI/UX designer, Medium UX Design Studio, Panjim Goa

30-Hour Short-term Course on UI/UX Design Using Figma

The Department of IT and Computer Applications in association with IQAC of Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dharbandora, organised a 30-hour short-term course in “UI/UX Design using Figma” on 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th of January 2023. The beneficiaries of the same were 35 students from the BCA programme at Goa Multi-Faculty College.

The resource person for the short-term course was Mr. Parshuram Lamani, a lead UX/UI designer at mediyum UX design agency Panjim-Goa with over 4+ years of experience conceptualising and crafting digital products for start-ups, SMEs, and larger organizations. He has worked with brands like- UNICEF, Shriram Housing Finance, Bren, Sulekha, etc. and is currently working as a consultant for the Cambridge-acquired company Cogbooks.

On Day-1, an inaugural ceremony was held. The principal, Prof. (Dr.) Shaikh Mohammad Parvez Al-Usmani, addressed the gathering wherein he mentioned the importance of add-on courses. This was followed by a floral welcome and a graceful lamp lighting ceremony. Asst. Prof. Nilaxi Chari introduced the resource person, and the inaugural ceremony ended with a formal vote of thanks by Ms. Sonam Gondhlekar, Assistant Professor at the Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dharbandora Goa. After the inaugural function, the technical session started. In the first session, Mr. Parshuram Lamani enlightened the participants by introducing to them the concepts of UI/UX design and talking about the role of the UI/UX designer. He gave a brief introduction to design and also discussed the basic principles of design.

On Day-2, Mr. Parshuram Lamani started with an introduction to the Figma web application. He discussed the fundamental principles of UX design like balance, contrast, hierarchy, alignment, movement, etc. He demonstrated the process of making mobile themes and also explained how to add different shapes, followed by a hands-on session. He also introduced the concept of figjam.

On Day-3, Mr. Parshuram Lamani talked about component diagrams and information architecture and also discussed the advantages of using Figma. He had a brain-storming session where participants discussed innovative project ideas.

On Day-4, Mr. Parshuram Lamani asked participants to work on the component diagram of their project, followed by a hands-on session. He also gave a practical demonstration to understand the contrast between images. He also mentioned about different existing applications and their features.

On Day-5, Mr. Parshuram Lamani introduced the concept of wireframes. He asked the participants to design logos for their system using Figma. He also talked about the basics of visual language like colour theory, typography, iconography, etc.

On Day 6, Mr. Parshuram Lamani shared insights on secondary research, followed by a hands-on session to draw the component diagram of the project, followed by a prototype presentation. At the end, a velidictory ceremony was held. The principal, Prof. (Dr.) Shaikh Mohammad Parvez Al-Usmani, gave the valedictory address, followed by a feedback session wherein students shared their experiences and thanked the resource person. Following his address, Mr. Parshuram Lamani,  resource person, advised students to be disciplined, deterministic, dedicated, and focused. Futher, the certificates were distributed to all the participants and the valedictory function was concluded with a vote-of-thanks by Ms. Nilaxi Chari, Asst. Prof in IT & Computer Applications. The program’s completion was marked by singing the National Anthem.

The said programme was compered by Asst. Prof. Milan Gaonkar. Technical and other assistance was provided by Ms. Ruchi Kuttikar, System Administrator; Mr. Sai Naik, Multi Tasking Staff; Mr. Suresh Gaonkar, Multi Tasking Staff; and Mr. Mahesh Gaonkar, Multi Tasking Staff.

Report drafted by Ms. Milan Gaonkar, Asst. Prof. in IT & Computer Applications

Checked and Edited by Ms. Nilaxi Chari, Asst. Prof. in IT & Computer Applications