National Symposium on Skill Development For Make In India

National Symposium :-Panel Discussion 1

The first panel on “Make in India” was moderated by Prof. Narayan Reddy, from Reva University. The panel consisted of five Presentations by Mr. B. T. Boke, Mr. Deepak Chodankar, Mr. Yatin Kakodkar, Dr. Radhika Nayak and Mr. S. J. Kamat.

The first Panellist, Mr. B. T. Boke (Former President of NIPM Goa) while conversing on ‘Skill Development: How can Industry Deliver?’ asserted that Industries form the demand side and Educational Institutes constitute the supply side of Skill Development. He stated that both have an equally pivotal role to play. Stressing upon Skill Gap Analysis in the State of Goa, he firmly announced that Goan youth is literate & urbanized but it needs to be developed. He also touched upon issue of School Dropouts and other related concerns.

Mr. Yatin Kakodkar (Chairman of International Centre Goa) laid emphasis on Skill requirement of Indian Industries as he spoke on the topic ‘What Skills is the Industry looking for?’ Expressing the concern over limited supply of skilled labour in Goa, he underlined the need to develop skills in the area of Process Improvement, Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction for sustainable Industry Growth. He averred that, there is a need to develop Basic Skills, Technical Skills, Computer Application Skills, Self Learning Skills, Problem Solving Skills and Team Work Capabilities.

The third panellist from IT Manufacturing Association, Mr. Dipak Chondankar while speaking on ‘Skill Drivers in IT Manufacturing’ stressed that Skill Requirements in IT Industry are more dynamic compared to other industries. Skill and Knowledge obsolescence is very rapid in IT industry. Crashing prices and shrinking profits need to be addressed with innovative skills, he added. He avowed that there is a scope for lot of competition as supply can come from anywhere in the world; hence we need to be equipped with Innovative Skills to survive competition. He also highlighted that Micro Miniaturization concept is the need of the hour.

Addressing the gathering on ‘Are we ready for Make In India’, Mr. S J Kamat from Goa Shipyard Ltd asserted that, ITI people are more job ready compared to graduates. Exhibiting his concern over deficiency of skills in graduates, he stated that graduates are even not well versed with basic skills like Letter Writing. People should have willingness to learn skills, he adjoined. He also declared that manufacturing contribution to GDP should upsurge from current 15-16% to 25-35%.

Dr. Radhika Nayak, Principal of S. S. Dempo College in her deliberations on ‘Developing Skills at Grassroots Level’ outlined the benefits that would come along with Skill Development. Migrants constitute 60% workforce in Goa, so she firmly asserted that it’s a high time for Skill Development and Goan people need to match the job requirements. To match Industry requirements, College Graduates need to unlearn and then relearn the skills. She also pointed out effectiveness of government schemes in terms of its reachability to the target group.

While summing up the discussion at the end of Session I, Moderator Prof P. Narayan Reddy highlighted the fact that millions of people graduate every year but in spite of being qualified are left unemployed. He also emphasized that parent’s play a vital role in skill development. Panel Discussion I concluded with an interactive question answer session.