Objectives :

  • To provide high quality management education at undergraduate level.
  • To facilitate students research interest
  • To nurture creative minds that is sensitive to business and societal needs and issues and thus making them good human beings and responsible citizen.
  • To provide an environment that facilitates all round development of student’s personality.

What makes us different :

A professional course: BBA goes beyond bookish knowledge. Instead, it sharpens your managerial skills through presentations, case studies, industry visits, guest lectures by professionals, etc. that help you deal with real-life situations better. 

Duration : 3 years

Admission Policy :


Programme Structure

Term I Term II Term III
Management Process Marketing Management 1 Marketing Management 2
Financial Statement Analysis 1 Human Resource Management 1 Organizational Behavior
Business Economics 1 Business Economics 2 Business Research 1
Written Communication Oral Communication Report Writing
Personal Grooming Social Psychology Journalism
Mass Media 1 Mass Media 2 Cyber Security
Proficiency in Computers Innovative Learning Health Education
Term V Term VI Term VII
Financial Statement Analysis  2 Financial Management  1 Financial Management  2
Strategic Management  1 Strategic Management  2 Business Ethics 1
Business Research  2 Business
Environment 1
Environment 2
Presentation Skills Public Speaking Interview Facing Skills
Learning from Films Learning’s from  Mythology Cultural Diversity
Consumer protection Act Portuguese 1 Portuguese 2
Indian Polity Health Education Photography

Macro Environmental Studies  1Macro Environmental Studies  2Labors Laws

Term IX Term X Term XI
Elective 1 Elective 3 Elective 5
Electives 2 Elective 4 Elective 6
Legal Aspects 1 Legal Aspects 2 Elective 7
Creative Writing Action Planning Technology and Innovation
Classical Music Stress Management Spiritual Living