December 2020

Webinar on coping with stress and emotions during COVID era 12/11/2020 The Navhind Times​​ dated 11/12/2020https://epaper.navhindtimes.in/NewsDetail.aspx?storyid=39318&date=2020-12-11&pageid=1#​ Read More »

October 2020

Goa Multi-Faculty College: A fount of digital knowledge 10/4/2020 Goa Multi-Faculty College conducts seminar on career paths in teaching 10/2/2020 The Navhind Times​​ dated 02/10/2020https://epaper.navhindtimes.in/NewsDetail.aspx?storyid=39136&date=2020-10-02&pageid=1​ Read More »

September 2020

WALK-IN-INTERVIEW 9/20/2020 Dainik Gomantak dated 20/09/2020http://epaper.dainikgomantak.com/flashclient/client_panel.aspx#currPage=5 WALK-IN-INTERVIEW 9/20/2020 The Navhind Times​​ dated 20/09/2020https://epaper.navhindtimes.in/NewsDetail.aspx?storyid=15342&date=2020-09-20&pageid=1 पोस्टर स्पर्धेत स्वाती नाईक हिचे यश 9/16/2020 Dainik Gomantak dated 16/09/2020 Creativity in times of crisis 9/15/2020 The Department of Physical Education and Sports at SPES’s Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dharbandora under the guidance of Principal Shaikh Mohammad Parvez Al Usmani organised a national-level event ‘Create-a-Thon’. The Navhind Times​​ dated 15/09/2020​https://epaper.navhindtimes.in/NewsDetail.aspx?storyid=86230&date=2020-09-15&pageid=1 Swati wins ... Read More »

August 2020

RDX GOA NEWS #DHARBANDORA MULTI FACULTY COLLEGES WELCOMED NEW EDUCATION POLICY 8/30/2020 RDXGOA GOA NEWS Dated: 30/08/2020​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l4h1hptzkQ शैक्षणिक धोरण उपयुक्त असलयाचा माजी आमदIर गणेश गावकर यांचा दावा 8/29/2020 Dainik Gomantak Dated 29/08/2020http://epaper.dainikgomantak.com/flashclient/client_panel.aspx#currPage=7 नव्या शैक्षणिक धोरणानें देशी जागतिक ज्ञान महासत्ता बनले 8/29/2020 Tarun Bharart dated 29/08/2020https://epaper.tarunbharat.com/c/54567335 Independence Day # celebrated # GMFC and Government High School 8/28/2020 Navhind Times​​ dated 27/08/2020http://epaper.navhindtimes.in/NewsDetail.aspx?storyid=80650&date=2020-08-27&pageid=1 गोवा मल्टि फॅकल्टी महाविद्यालयात ग्रंथपाल दिन ... Read More »

March 2020

Prudent Media# Yuva Health# GMFC Students 3/20/2020 Prudent Media# Yuva Health# Epi 11# 20 March 2020#GMFC Students https://youtu.be/7tBOMvBRJcY Read More »

January 2020

Walk – In – Interview 1/18/2020 Gomantak Times dated 18/01/2020http://epaper.gomantaktimes.com/flashclient/client_panel.aspx#currPage=5 Read More »

December 2019

GMFC organises inter-class football tournament 12/27/2019 Navhind Times​​ dated 27/12/2019​http://epaper.navhindtimes.in/NewsDetail.aspx?storyid=24214&date=2019-12-27&pageid=1 Walk – In – Interview 12/13/2019 Gomantak Times dated 13/12/2019http://epaper.gomantaktimes.com/flashclient/client_panel.aspx#currPage=5 Read More »