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Department of Physical Education & Sports – SPORTSMANIA

Date: 24th July 2020 SPORTSMANIA  The annual sports event SPORTSMANIA 3.0 an Inter class and Inter Department sports was held on 7th March 2020 at the Sanjeevani Sugar Factory Ground. Games like inter class KoynoBal, lagorie, tug of war, kabaddi, tyre race and langadi were organised. Inter department badminton and football were organised too. The format was such that the ... Read More »

Department of Physical Education & Sports – Quiz

Date: 8th July 2020 QUIZ REPORT During the pandemic and lockdown people were at their homes. Many were concerned about their health and many were worried about their daily fitness routine. In this regard a quiz on health and fitness awareness was conducted by the Department Of Physical Education and Sports in collaboration with the department of Library of the ... Read More »

Department of Physical Education & Sports – NATIONALS

Date: 29th June 2020 NATIONALS REPORT It was also a proud moment for the college this year as 3 students represented Goa University at the National Championship. Pankaj Falkar represented the university in Football and Handball. Tejas Girodkar represented Goa University in Handball and Ajay Gaonkar represented Goa University in Volleyball. Mahesh Gawde represented Goa in Langdi and Koynebal and ... Read More »

Department of Physical Education & Sports – Kho Kho

Date: 22nd February 2020 KHO KHO REPORT The inter college Kho Kho championship was held from 18th to 22ndFebruary 2020. The college Men and Women team participated in the championship. The students had a training camp of 1 week for their preparation. In total 14 boys and 14 girls participated in the training camp. Out of these the best 12 ... Read More »

Department of Physical Education & Sports – Handball

Date: -01/02/2020 HANDBALL REPORT The inter college Handball tournament was held at Goa University Football Ground, Taleigao-Plateau from 28thJanuary to 1stFebruary 2020. The students practiced for 1 month to prepare for the tournament. A total of 32 students 16 Boys and 16 Girls attended the coaching camp out of which all 16 boys and 16 girls were selected to represent ... Read More »

Department of Physical Education & Sports – BASEBALL

Date: -25/02/2020 BASEBALL REPORT The Baseball inter collegiate event was held at the Goa University from 21st January to 24th January 2020. The Goa Multi Faculty College team participated in the event for the very first time. A training camp of 3weeks was conducted for the students under the guidance of Mr. Dinesh Gawde. In total there were total 30 ... Read More »

Department of Physical Education & Sports – ATHLETICS

Date: 18thJanuary 2020 ATHLETICS REPORT The Athletics practices for preparing the college started on 2ndJanuary 2020 for both Men and Women. There were 20 Men and 12 Women athletes participating in the practice sessions everyday. Each day the practice session lasted for 90 minutes to 120 minutes. A practice session of 10 days was conducted to prepare the team. In ... Read More »


Staff members of S.P.E.S’s Goa Multi-Faculty College and staff members of Govt. High School, Dayanandnagar, Dharbandora, Goa, assembled together on Saturday, 15th August 2020 at 8:15 a.m. to pay obeisance to the Indian National Flag on the occasion of Independence Day. Care was taken to adhere to social distancing protocols. The Principal of Goa Multi-Faculty College, Dr. Shaikh Mohammad Parvez ... Read More »