Inter-Class Tech Quiz Competition

BCA department of Goa Multi-Faculty College organized an Inter-Class Quiz Competition
for the students of FY, SY and TYBCA. 9 teams belonging from different classes participated
in the competition. Each team consisted of 2 participants from different classes.
The quiz was classified into 4 rounds which were as follows : Buzzer round, Audio-Visual
round, Multiple Choice Questions, identify the logo and personalities(visual round). There
were tie breaker and elimination rounds. 3 teams were eliminated in each rounds. The top 3
scorers were selected for the final round. Which were as follows:
 (Team 1)Mr. Shibin Shaji and Mr.Yogeshwar Manerikar,
 (Team 2)Mr. Samarth Naik and Mr. Mayuresh khalap,
 (Team 3)Mr. Deeptesh Shet and Ms. Chandan diwan.
The teams gave a tough fight and Samarth Naik and Mayuresh Khalap won the final round
and the competition.